Sew! Let’s Get Dressed

Invisible Zipper in Pants

A few months ago, we published a blog post with step-by-step instructions for inserting a lapped zipper in Eureka! Pants that Fit.  Being equal opportunity sewists, this month we are featuring step-by-step instructions for inserting an invisible zipper into your Eureka! Pants.*  An invisible zipper is an elegant finish to dressier pants.  Invisible zippers are […]

Party Tops

Holiday sewing should always include a new Tabula Rasa to liven up the Eureka! Pants in your closet.  In a December 2014 post we shared some of our Tabula Rasa Jacket (TRJ) holiday variations.  They were so festive and fun that this year we decided to make some Tabula Rasa Knits (TRK) for the party […]

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