Sew! Let’s Get Dressed

Dots and Notches

Blog Post – Dots and Notches Flat pattern notations are like a special language.  If you have sewn for a long time using commercial American flat patterns you probably speak the language fluently.  If you are new to sewing, it might seem like a foreign language. We are busy finishing up the details of a […]


Fan-Tabulous! Quilted Jacket

We have a handful of quilted jacket samples that draw oohs and ahhs at every show, folks wishing to buy or make.  So, Fit for Art is creating a series of directions for “Specialty Quilted Jackets” that provide step-by-step instructions to replicate some of those admired jackets.  Currently we have two specialty directions available, for […]

Me Made May

“Me Made May” is an 8-year-old garment challenge that encourages participants to wear more of their self-made creations. I took the challenge last year to wear at least one self-made garment every day in May.  I signed up on the MMM blog and expanded the suggested challenge, pledging to create one new garment using stash […]

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