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Sewing on the Road

Are you traveling this summer? If you are staying in the same place for an extended visit and you are an avid stitcher (like me, Rae) maybe you should take along some sewing to fill the days. While it can be tricky, some pre-planning will help you remember what you need and give you the courage to set up and stitch wherever you are!

The creative corner at the Cumbie Girls weekend, puzzling and stitching and of course chatter!

This past weekend, I headed out  to a family girls’ beach weekend in Ocean City, NJ. While I did not take a sewing machine, a current labor intensive hand stitching project made it into my bags and I was able to make lots of progress, picking it up when neither the beach nor the kitchen were calling my name.  

Handwork projects are a great start!

To prepare for a handwork project, make sure the garment is far enough along to stage the hand work. Pack lots of extra thread, needles, scissors, seam ripper, thimbles and any other little notions that might be useful. If there is a long car ride and you are tempted to stitch while on the move, a lap desk with a tray on top can be so useful. Scissors on a string around your neck is also very useful.

Stitching in the car.

Think Creatively about Space

For the last few years in France while staying in a long term rental, I would set up one of my French Berninas and sew clothes for my daughter, make curtains for her apartment, and stitch with my grandson. Cutting was often done on the kitchen island, ironing on the bed. 

Cutting on the kitchen island in our French rental house.

This year I am elated that the space is already set up in the vacation home we purchased and where we will spend three months this summer into fall. Check out the post Make Space for Creativity to read more.

My new sewing room in France.

Take the Tools You Need

Our friend Edye often travels with a small sewing machine in her suitcase to finish up a project or an outfit that requires some last minute stitching. Catch a photo of Rae stitching on Edye’s machine in a Milwaukee hotel room in 2019.

While stitching at my daughter’s a few weeks ago I took my Oliso Professional Project iron and felt mats for the pressing, but since I was making shirts I also took my point presser clapper. We were traveling by car and space was plentiful. If the surface where you are stitching is at an unfortunate height, pace yourself and stop before you get too tired. Put pillows in the seat of the chair if it is too low. 

One of our regular retreat participants was stranded for a week in a hotel room. She called the local sewing machine dealer, rented a machine and serger for the week and got busy sewing. She set up a cutting space on the bed and the machines on the desks and dressers. Years ago, I set up my machine in a hotel room to my finish my niece’s wedding dress with a perfect fit. Here is a shot from the reception as I pulled up her bustle! Such a nice memory we shared this weekend at our little beach gathering.

My niece Kristin in her altered wedding gown and Rae is setting the bustle.

What tricks have you tried while sewing on the road? Share them here so we can all have successful sewing fun while on the road again.

Happy Vacation Stitching! RAE

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