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The following is a list of sewing tools, equipment and resources recommended at the 2022 h+h Americas sewing show.

Tools Needed for Garment Sewing

Basic Sewing Tools

  1. Seam ripper, at least one
  2. Sheers, large and small
  3. Rotary cutter and cutting mat
  4. Fine sewing pins, not too long
  5. Pin containers like pin cushions, wrist pin cushions, magnetic pin wants and cups
  6. Plastic clips
  7. Pattern weights
  8. Marking tools that give accurate dots
  9. Tape Measure
  10. Rulers, straight 18″ x 2″ 
  11. Curved fashion 
  12. Small seam gauge ruler
  13. Fine fusible interfacings, several weights
  14. Elastic if projects require it
  15. Zippers if projects require it


  1. Sewing machine 
  2. Serger 
  3. Table, raised for cutting, lowered for sewing
  4. Good lighting
  5. Iron
  6. Classic ironing board, over door or table top will do, needs one curved end
  7. Sewing machine needles: universal, jersey, microtex in size 80


  1. Independent pattern companies offer good options that do not require ordering from the big four. 
  2. Choose companies that offer good resources for buyers like fitting information and tutorials and possibly provide content for newsletter or social media.
  3. Order patterns that work with the fabrics to be stocked.  Start with simple designs that will assure sewing success.

Wholesale Resources


    1. Brewer, Nifty Notions line
    2. Wawak
    3. Delaware Dry Goods


  1. Bernina, sewing machines and sergers
  2. Laura Star Irons, works for knitters too
  3. Oliso Ironson the H and H show floor, small and reasonably priced
  4. Brewer, starter sewing machines and other reasonably priced equipment

Fabric Resources

  1. Carr Textiles, utility fabrics and pants fabric
  2. Sextet, knits
  3. Mood Wholesale
  4. Michaels Fabrics
  5. Elliott Berman, Ermani Group
  6. Artistic Artifacts, hand-made Indian fabrics only
  7. Diamond Textiles
  8. Robert Kauffman
  9. Art Gallery Fabrics
  10. SoHo Fabrics/Silk Safari
  11. Style Crest
  12. Speckler Vogel
  13. DG Expo, a place to meet vendors who sell in small lots
  14. MODA

Hope this list proves helpful to you. Download it as a PDF here. Contact rae@fitforartpatterns if you have particular questions.