Pants Help

Access all the information you need to perfect your Eureka! Pants that Fit. On this page you will find links to documents referred to in our pattern instructions, videos and more.

Helpful Hints

Pattern Corrections

Sew News Resources

Refer to these volumes of Sew News for great design and pattern work information written by Rae for creating pants in the style you prefer. Or, purchase the entire set of articles as an ebook from Interweave:

  • Oct/Nov 2014, pages 54-60 for “Pants Perfection Part I: Waistbands & Closures”
  • Dec 2014/Jan 2015, pages 62-66 for “Pants Perfection Part II: Pockets”
  • April/May 2015, pages 49-55 for “Pants Perfection Part III: Leg Shapes”