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Fan-Tabulous! Quilted Jacket


We have a handful of quilted jacket samples that draw oohs and ahhs at every show, folks wishing to buy or make.  So, Fit for Art is creating a series of directions for “Specialty Quilted Jackets” that provide step-by-step instructions to replicate some of those admired jackets.  Currently we have… 

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Imagining a “Spectacle” Jacket

Its a Spectacle

A colorful bundle of Echino fat quarters came to me as a gift from my daughter several years ago, and I immediately wanted to make them into a Tabula Rasa Jacket (TRJ).  But, fat quarters (18” by 22 1/2 “) are challenging when designing garments, especially if you want to… 

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Sew! Lets Get Dressed – Transitional Shirts with Button Frame Details

We are sewing a lot of button frames these days since one of the design extra’s in our Shirt Variations for the Tabula Rasa Jacket is button frames.  If you have some fun cottons in your stash consider stitching them into a lovely transitional shirt. This is an excellent variation…