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Pockets for Carpe Diems

Carpe Diem dresses for summer is what Edye wanted after enjoying her rayon version all through the winter and fall.  Because her stash is full of cotton novelty prints leftover from the line of kitchen linens and children’s clothes she sold at craft shows, she chose her favorite summer prints and got started.  Of course, the three dresses needed to look a little different so each dress features a different set of design details.  Pocket Variations for the Tabula Rasa Jacket has all the pocket patterns needed to create these three different looks.

Carpe Diem in sewing print.

Patch Pockets

The first dress was made with two different sewing themed prints.  The fun cartoon fabric looks very busy when it is everywhere, so it became the sleeves and large patch pockets.  This is the basic Carpe Diem with the sleeves shortened and cuffed. The patch pocket was so large, it was placed to straddle the seam that connects the side to the front.  Having the spool print with its distinctive stripe made it easy to place the pockets evenly.  That stripe print also inspired the square neckline adjustment, allowing the print to be uninterrupted with a scooped currve.

Pocket close up.

Travel Trailer Pintuck Pocket

A group of 3 retro summer trailer prints made a fanciful second dress.  The Carpe Diem’s cap sleeve and sleeveless panel makes it unique; simple bindings were used to finish the edge of the single layer sleeve, the top of the armhole and the neckline.  Check out Carrie’s post about how to make these easy, knit sewing inspired bindings on an unlined dress. 

Bindings upclose

The single pocket is the Pintuck Pocket found in the Pocket Variation pattern.   It is really cute with its curved edges and pintuck details.  A few pintucks found their way onto the sleeves too, so the detail was repeated.  Notice that the single pocket is placed on the left of the dress front.  Edye is left handed and prefers to use a pocket on the left side.  Take note, you can put pockets wherever you want, just make sure they are functional and do not skew the fit of the dress.

Inseam Pockets

Lastly, the most sophisticated look features a group of 5 different prints featuring olives.  This dress uses the sleeveless faced version of the Carpe Diem and was styled a bit narrower with the pleated insert in the back vent.  The pockets are inseam pockets, placed below the waistline so they open in the side front seam near the hips. 

Use your mock up to determine the best placement for these pockets before inserting them and stitching up the seams. 

The neckline of this dress was altered too but we will wait till fall to tell you about that adventure.  You could get a similar look using the notch neckline that we blogged about in early spring.

All these fun dresses went on an island vacation and have been in Edye’s weekly rotation ever since.  While in the islands, she frolicked at the beach in her Tabula Rasa Beach Coat that also has some inseam pockets and many features found in the Rain or Shine Variations.

Try some of these Tabula Rasa Jacket Pocket Variations on your Carpe Diem creations.  The results are fabulous.

Happy Sewing, Rae and Edye

2 thoughts on “Pockets for Carpe Diems

  1. Great ideas to make. Thanks so much for sharing. I am sure Edye is enjoying wearing them.

    1. They are each so perfect in their own way and the pockets are the icing on the cake.

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