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ASG Highlights

Enjoy these highlights of the American Sewing Guild’s annual conference in San Antonio TX where we have been teaching and sharing our successful sewing patterns with the conference participants this past week. It was especially sweet to be back with sewing friends after several years of event cancellations and to meet in person some of the new sewing friends we met through our virtual events the last few years.

Welcome to our booth in the vendor hall.

Booth Fun

Carrie’s new summer wardrobe took center stage in the booth. In the photo above she is wearing the pants she discussed in the Summer Wardrobe Update post. She will be telling you about that fun top in a soon to be posted future post.

Time to Learn

Rae taught 5 classroom sessions on topics ranging from Notable Knits to Design Pants for Work and Play. Our luggage was overflowing with samples, handouts and kits for all of the classes.

A booth overview.

Get a Good Fit

As always we used our jacket fitting shells to size each interested gal in our Jacket pattern. Our pop up tent served as a fun fitting room so we could offer pants fittings when Rae was not in the classroom. We had to visit the Google to figure out how to pop it back into its case to fit it back into the suitcase.

A fitting happening in front of the pop up tent.

Reconnect with Friends

We visited with wonderful Association of Sewing and Design Professional friends over dinner and a visit to the workroom of Mechiel Whitmore who makes coronation gowns for the San Antonio Festival.

Special thanks to another ASDP friend, Lalon, who helped us furnish the booth with mirrors, a rack, and a stool!

Enjoy the Sights

We headed to the Alamo for a little sight seeing before heading back to Baltimore. The summers in Baltimore always seem pretty hot, but San Antonio has us beat hands down.

Photos with reenactors.

Thanks to all the shoppers and new friends who made this a successful event for Fit for Art.

Happy shoppers with an armload of goodies.

Next year ASG will be meeting July 6-10 in New York City. Better get those dates on your calendar for some fun classes, terrific vendors and fabric shopping.

Don’t forget to Eat Well!

Sewiwng vacations, what could be better?

We hope to see you there for a little sewing vacation.

Happy Sewing, Rae and Carrie

4 thoughts on “ASG Highlights

  1. It was wonderful meeting you both and getting my fitting! Blessings to you both!

    1. It was our pleasure, happy sewing.

  2. As always, your class was terrific! Loved the new embellishment ideas. Can’t wait to get started on my new Carpet Diem pattern. See you in NYC.

    1. Be sure to send us some photos of your Carpe Diems! RAE

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