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Anchor a Travel Wardrobe with Eureka! Pants

Do pants anchor your wardrobe?  Mine sure do and as I am packing this week for my first trip, I was reminded how essential they are.

There they are, all the blue pants

Organizing a wardrobe of clothes for a week in the Colorado mountains, I first identified which Eureka! Pants to pack.    There is no need for dressy clothes so I will take mostly blue denim.

Skinny cropped denims for hot days.

My Eureka! cropped stretch denim skinny pants are perfect for hot days and long tops.  My soft blue chambray Glamour pants with a Hollywood waistband are so comfortable with short easy tops.  I will also take my dark navy bamboo stretch denim Eureka’s with Sporty Details that can be dressed up or down.  Finally, I will throw in my navy and white rayon print elastic waist pants to pull on over my swimsuit for a trip to the hot tub.

Arriving at La Cascade in France in narrow navy Eureka! pants

Have you made perfect pants for easy travel?  Why not join me July 20 for the virtual OSQE class, Finding Pants Heaven to get started.  We will look at a variety of pant waist and zipper finishes to help you design a wardrobe of pants that fit your body and your lifestyle.  There is a kit of large swatches of fabric that make excellent pants and each will be reviewed with styling options in mind.

Before the pandemic, as we would be pulling out of the driveway for a road trip or heading to the airport, I would muse “Sure hope I packed everything I need”.  My husband would always answer, “we are going to a civilized place, you can buy whatever you need.”  He never understood that no store has pants sized to fit my unique curves and short legs.  I rely on my well-fitting basic Eureka! Pants that Fit pattern and the accompanying Details patterns to keep me clothed in comfy, stylish pants.  They are the reliable base upon which a modern wardrobe is built.

You might be wondering what I will take to turn my pants into outfits.  My new SewBatik Jersey Tabula Rasa Knit Tee will be in the suitcase and featured on Instagram and Facebook this week.

TRJ with Shirt Variations

My Big Shirt in colorful linen and a cropped woven tee are also suitcase staples.

Cropped top with high waisted pants

Tabula Rasa Knits like my orange linen waterfall Twin Set, my blue floral surplice  Clever Crossing Variation, and my double collared Wide Neckline Tee will also get rolled into the suitcase.

For the cool nights, I will bring my ruffle collar Jean Jacket that coordinates with everything.

Ruffled Jean Jacket
Ruffled Jean Jacket

I am even packing my Clever Crossing Knit nightgown with my rayon bathrobe that is based on my Tabula Rasa Jacket Pattern.

Tabula Rasa jacket Pattern, square armhole, Tabula Rasa KNit Tee
The open robe and nighty

Looking forward to this little mountain getaway is made easier with my well-built wardrobe designed with Fit for Art’s Three Core Patterns.

If you are ready to sew some pants but are not sure where to start, register for Finding Pants Heaven for inspiration and solid advice to get you started.  OSQE has teamed up with us by sponsoring this online class and also offering a Pants class at the Cleveland /Akron Expo.

The Eureka! Pants fitting booth, with our girlfriend modeling the Paris Postcard Jean Jacket.
The Eureka! Pants fitting booth, with our girlfriend modeling the Paris Postcard Jean Jacket.

In our expo booth, we will be offering Eureka! pants sizings and Carrie will host a fabulous trunk show every day about sewing with our Tried-and-True core wardrobe patterns.

What are you waiting for?  Hope to see you soon on line or in person.

Happy Sewing, RAE

4 thoughts on “Anchor a Travel Wardrobe with Eureka! Pants

  1. I hope your trip is just for fun because if you are here in my part of the world teaching a class or workshop, and I somehow missed it, I would be totally bummed!

    1. Leta, It is just for fun, I am in Telluride enjoying the cool mountain air. Travel for work starts in 2 weeks.

  2. Thanks for this preview of the variations. Quite motivating/inspiring. I have bought the Eureka pattern and am working with Sarah’s pant fitting class on PatternReview.
    I note with your collection of pants that there are different versions to those in the basic pattern.
    Where might I find instructions for these variations?
    For instance I would like a pair of summer skinny stretch jeans, as well as a Std stretch jean style. Are both of these covered in the jeans extra pattern?
    I also plan to make some elastic waisted versions in rayon or similar, like a jogger style for our spring/summer (need to get a wriggle on) . Am guessing these would be the Std pattern with the elastic waist version, maybe with extra in the waist for a looser look.

    1. Hi Judy,

      These are all great questions and I hope the information we have put in the Design section of each direction book and variation direction book will help you create the styles you love. We also have lots of blog posts with additional information about making pants with lycra, shortened hemlines and wider versions of the pants legs. Our Glamour Details pattern has even more info about widening the legs of the Eureka! Pants. You can search in the blog using any word that interests you in the search bar, and get a list of all the posts that might address your interest. The elastic waist pants have more room around the waistline because you do not put darts in true elastic waist pants, that is in the basic direction book. Have fun!

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