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Contemporary tapered pants pattern guides you through the process of making a pattern that fits your unique figure. Includes 3 back choices for each size to improve the fitting process, and 3 waist finishes – faced,  1″ waistband, or elastic waist.  Designed for woven bottom-weight fabrics.  Includes sizes XXS-3XL.  Please select digital or print format.

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Create flattering and comfortable pants for work, home, or play.  Eureka! Pants that Fit have a contemporary tapered silhouette.  The pattern includes 3 back choices in each size to accommodate a variety of derrieres and crotch depths, which facilitates the fitting process.  Multi-size pattern, XXS-3XL.  Please select digital or print format.

Begin by making a pants mock-up in your size.  Follow the step-by-step illustrated instructions to fit your crotch and hips, personalize dart placement, and shape the legs. You choose the waist location and style, then finish the pants with a back zipper and your choice of facing, waistband or elastic waist.  Instruction book also includes design tips for selecting the fabric, finishing the seams, changing the shape of the legs, and finishing the hem.  See the complete size chart.

Once fitted, this versatile pattern can be used to make pants for all seasons and occasions.  Appropriate for any bottom-weight woven pant fabric; fabric with some stretch will require adjustments.  After you have refined the pattern to fit you, change up the style with our pattern variations such as Glamour Details, Sporty Details and Trouser Details.

About Digital Patterns

Digital patterns are in PDF format and may be downloaded on your computer or mobile device. Each digital pattern may be downloaded three times only, so please save your files in a safe place after downloading.  Be sure you have created an account on our website so you will be able to access the pattern to download in the future.  All digital patterns include five files:

  • Directions for how to print your digital pattern
  • A large format pattern that can be taken to a copy shop to print
  • An A0 format pattern that can be taken to a copy shop to print
  • A tiled pattern that can be printed at home on U.S. letter sized paper or A4 paper
  • The instruction book for your patterns which includes information on design, fabrication and construction.

For more information on digital patterns, please visit our Digital Patterns FAQ page.

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10 reviews for Eureka! Pants that Fit

  1. Judith Newman

    The pattern worked for me – I ended up with a nicely fitting pair of pants. Although the size chart suggested I use Back 2, because I have no bum, I decided to go with a Back 1. Once I’d sewn a muslin I was able to make the adjustments I needed for the fit I was after. Who knows, I may also give Back 2 a try just to see how the muslin would turn out.

  2. Bonnie

    I’ve tried many methods over the years to make myself pants I could actually wear and this one WORKED! I started out with back 1 but switched to back 2. After doing the tweaking, I sewed my first pair. I put the zipper in front and sewed the waistband in two pieces–open in the back for more adjustment options. Love them! Next project will be pants with pockets. Thanks, Rae!

  3. RP

    I was fortunate to be able to have a pants fitting done by Rae Cumbie at the sewing expo earlier this year. I made the recommended alterations on the pattern and made a muslin. It fit perfectly! I like this pattern very much and plan on making several pants. The pattern comes with excellent detailed instructions for proper fitting.

  4. Rose (verified owner)

    This is the first Fit for Art pattern I’ve used and couldn’t be happier. The process was so simple to follow and the end result was pretty good. I must say that because of other companies’ sizing and my measurements, I chose to begin my project with a large-3 back. It turned out that what I really needed was a medium-3 back. Going down a size is definitely the way to a girl’s heart! I believe that the longer crotch measurement is what ultimately made all the difference. Thank you!

  5. Patti

    I’ve been making (trying) pants for many years. This pattern, and the wonderful instructions, has given me very well fitting pants. At first I resisted, out of ignorance, the concept of horizontal balance lines and continued to try wedges and all the other pants “fitting” techniques out there. I highly recommend that everyone read Grainlines on Pants Patterns Are So Important, written by the good folks at Fit for Art. Wish I’d read it before making all the time wasting mistakes. See above for link to this article.

  6. Pat McClane (verified owner)

    After following the Palmer Plesch book on pants, taking a pattern drafting class online, purchasing the Sure Fit Design system, and tracing a pair of RTW pants that fit, I came upon the Eureka pants pattern. For the first time I have pants that actually fit and I cannot recommend this pattern enough! The other methods of sewing pants pretty much teach the same methods to make alterations to the pattern but Eureka is the only one that stresses the importance of grainlines and fitting the crotch curve first. As another reviewer recommended, read “Grainlines on Pants Patterns are So Important” on the Fit for Art website. It is the magic key.
    Thank you to Fit for Art.

    • Carrie Emerson

      Thank you Pat! We are always happy to hear that our customers are able to sew successfully with Fit for Art!

  7. Denise Severson

    I used this pattern to correct the pant portion of a jumpsuit I made for a Mother of the Groom ensemble for a recent wedding. Jumpsuits particularly need to fit perfectly in the pant portion, or the entire look will be off. Highy recommend; the fit was perfect!

    • Carrie Emerson

      Thanks, Denise! What a good idea and so glad it worked for you and your client!

  8. LY

    Where can I find the book? Grainlines on Pants Patterns Are So Important

    • Carrie Emerson

      I think you are looking for this blog post. Just click on the link!

  9. Janis Wild

    Although I am a petite person (size four), and one would think that buying pants would be easy, it isn’t. It is horrible. The few really good fitting pants I have ever owned were made by a skilled seamstresses. However, since I moved away from the West Coast, I hadn’t found anyone capable of making pants that fit me well, and let’s face it, it is hard to justify the cost of custom made pants for every day wearing.

    Enter “Eureka, Pants that Fit!”

    I made the mock-up in muslin as instructed (Style 1, for people like me, with a more modest “tush”). How refreshing to see a pattern that doesn’t assume everyone owns the same tush! My gosh, my muslin mock-up was already 85-90% perfect, and way better than a pair off the rack.

    I made an appointment with one of the seamstresses, who had taken the training and was licensed by “Eureka! Pants that fit” for a fine-tuned fitting session. I’m sure you all know that feeling when working with someone; how you can tell when they have confidence and they know what they are doing or not — well, she really did. She made the final but critical adjustments. There was clearly a method to her process because of her training on these patterns. The muslin mock-up fit so well, that if it hadn’t had pins in it, I would have wanted to wear it home! (Just kidding, but I was excited).

    I learned so much from her, as she explained what she was doing and why — and what the grid on the muslin was telling her about her adjustments. She said that using this system has been a huge help to her, as it provides a roadmap for how to get where you want to go.

    This is a system that makes sense. It is really a serious tool.

    How great is this? I will no longer have to hide my ill-fitting pants with 3/4 length tops or jackets? “Eureka!”

    Janis Wild
    Indianapolis, Indiana

    • Carrie Emerson

      We are so pleased for your success in developing a pant pattern that fits to your satisfaction! We hope you will enjoy many pairs of new pants. Thanks also for mentioning our licensed Eureka! Pants Professionals. They are a great resource if you are lucky to live near one. Happy Sewing Janis!

  10. Joie Mervis

    Thanks for sharing.

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