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The Blue Skies of France are Calling

We hope you are considering joining us in France this year for one of our two retreat weeks in the countryside.  The cold and snowy weather in the  mid atlantic the last couple of weeks makes these excursions seem so very sweet.  Why don’t you plan to come along for a creative and restful adventure?

Our home away from home

Which Week Should I Choose?

Because we have added a second week with a different focus, we are explaining the difference as further enticement. Here are some highlights starting with our newest topic.

Idea book, the back side

August 16-23 Bookmaking with Fabric and Paper in the Languedoc

  • Rae and Anna will be the craft and travel hosts with Nese in the kitchen, welcoming us to our  lovely home and studio.  
  • We will be joined by two additional instructors.  Dayle Doroshow, an American who spends extended summers in Durfort, is a very accomplished book and clay artist.  She will be leading the group in a wonderful idea book project. Enjoy the photos of the one I made when I took her class and see more this week on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  As you see, paper and fabrics will be used in this project.  Our second instructor is Aline Cauvin, a French force of nature who worked in the textile industry in NYC for a number of years.  She will be an all around local guide and will lead projects that feature her fabulous collection of vintage wallpaper, fabrics and trims.  Check out our pinterest page “handmade books” to see ideas driving the instructors of this class.
  • A pastel dyeing day, the Ravel Market, the Dom Robert exhibit, and an evening with Languedoc author Colon Duncan Taylor are all on the schedule.
  • The summer flowers will be exploding with color and the river will be a cool force rushing down the mountain.
  • Additional new experiences are in the works but are not quite ready to be unveiled.

July 17-24 Enchanting France – Embellishing Fabric 

Bonjour from France with Carrie and Rae
It is a wonderful week!
  • Carrie, Rae and Anna will be your hosts and guides with Nese keeping us well fed and comfortably housed.
  • We will work mostly with fabrics, exploring a variety of embellishment and modern applique techniques.  Read our blog posts from prior retreats: Inside the La Cascade Studio, A Heavenly Week in France, Pastel Blue of Occitanie France, and Simple French Gifts.
  • We will have a pastel dyeing day early in the week so you can use your dyed treasures during our week together.
  • The sunflower fields should be in full bloom,  which is really fabulous.
  • Also scheduled are a trip to Aline’s studio for ideas and shopping, the Ravel market, the Dom Robert exhibit in Sorez, and an evening with Languedoc author Colin Duncan Taylor.

Join in one of these Fanciful and Restful Weeks

Check out the full descriptions in the events calendar, register to reserve your spot, and start planning now.  The ultimate flight destination is the Toulouse/Blagnac airport.  We will travel about the area in rented cars.  Once you are registered there will be regular updates on what to bring with you, the history of the area, a reading list and more!

Contact  if you have any questions or need additional information. 

Let us welcome you to an unforgetable French adventure, Carrie and Rae

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