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Carpe Diem as the Seasons Change

When the weather begins to shift, Carpe  Diem’s are as easy as a vest (last week’s feature) to pull out of the closet and get dressed for the day.  When Carrie and I gathered with our magnificent marketing colleague recently, we were all wearing Carpe Diem looks, so we decided to take a photo and share it with you.

The Fit for Art team.

Three Different Looks

Amanda has on a dress length sheath,  or jumper, made with the sleeveless version of the Carpe Diem pattern.  It is fashioned from many scraps of light weight denim sashed together in the front and back.  If you subscribe to Classic Sewing Magazine, you have the directions already as it was in the Fall 2023 edition.  This terrific wardrobe builder can be worn with a shirt underneath as a jumper or as a sheath dress with a cardigan for the chill in the morning and evening air.

Carrie is wearing a light handwoven version with sleeves and a little slit in the neck.  Read about it in the blog Notched Front Carpe Diem or in your Threads Magazine from spring 2023 featuring 4 fun variations of the Carpe Diem.

The finished notched Neckline

I am wearing an embellished chambray Carpe Diem that is easily dressed up or down.  You can read more about its decoration in the post Collage and Paint before you Sew

Arranging the collage pieces along the hemline.

What has struck me as I have worn this top to several events is how fabulously the neckline sits on my body.  This is not to be taken for granted as I have made tunics or blouses in the past that gape in the neckline.  

Beginning the process of fitting Marie’s mock-up to cure a droopy neckline.

Fit the Pattern for Personal Look

The Common Fitting Adjustments and the Videos that go with the written instructions have step by step instructions for pinning out the excess fabric in a neckline and moving it into the dart.  Even a tiny bit of excess can look and feel awkward, so follow these instructions to correct the issue on your pattern.  That way, each new Carpe Diem you make can fit securely in the neckline.

So Many Fabric Choices to Sew Successfully

Great Carpe Diem fabrics for fall are darkly colored rayons, cotton lawn, quilting cotton, lightweight twills, linens and challis.  Find one in your stash to stitch into a fun blouse or tunic but make a mock-up first to be sure the neckline fits perfectly before cutting your precious fabric. If you live where spring is coming, choose similar fabrics but perhaps in lighter colors.

Be Inspired by Our Samples

Visit the Photo Gallery or search the Blog for more Carpe Diem inspiration.  Pick up your Carpe Diem pattern with a 15% discount this week only using coupon code CarpeDiemNow.  It is available in paper or as a digital file.  Choose the pattern format that makes your stitching projects fun and easy.

Rae and Amanda in their Carpe Diems

Happy Sewing, RAE

2 thoughts on “Carpe Diem as the Seasons Change

  1. I love all these looks! They are so different, using various methods, etc. Are the strips of fabric on Rae’s top raw edge applique? I can’t tell from the photo.

    1. Yes, Michelle, they are raw edge cottons, free motion stitched to the top.

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