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Common Fitting Adjustments for the Carpe Diem Dress and Tunic

Drumroll Please! The Common Fitting Adjustments for the Carpe Diem Dress are posted and ready to help each of you personalize your pattern if the fit needs a bit of tweaking.   The best way to access the complete Common Fitting Adjustments PDF is in the Helpful Hints Tab at then find the Dress Help section.  The link is first on the list of information found in that section.  You will also find a link to the Video Tutorials of which there are 17 for you to access.  They capture on film the most common of the Common Fitting Adjustments.

Our Fitting Philosophy

A mock up and finished SewBatik Rayon Carpe Diem

When we started Fit for Art Patterns 11 years ago our goal was to help home sewers create clothing that fits well. We chose easy and simple shapes and added fitting choices in the garment patterns to help get a good fit quickly.   We also wanted to offer shapes that would easily accommodate artful expression if the creative instinct caught our sewing friends fancies.

The illustrated document, like our Tabula Rasa Jacket and Tabula Rasa Knit Common Fitting Adjustment PDFs, address fitting issues that are either felt by the wearer or observed then the mock up is put on the body.  Identifying the problem is essential to solving the problem so we always offer advice on how to diagnose the discomfort and then suggest a way to fix it.  Once fixed, it still needs to be tested and over time, perhaps even nuanced. Make a Mock Up

Lined Pieces ready to be sewn into a mock up

Make a Mock Up in Fabric

Making a mock up is the best way to begin assessing the fit.   Follow the directions in the pattern instruction book on page 5.  Then, open our Pinterest Idea Pin about making a sizing mock up to watch one come together. 

Beginning the process of fitting Marie’s mock up at the fall retreat.

Because many of us wear ill fitting clothing, some of these fit issues might not even be on the radar screen as problems with solutions.  Use the lines on the mock up to find and correct sizing and shaping problems and then nuance the Carpe Diem Dress and Tunic pattern to fit comfortably and effortlessly.

Watch a Video if that Helps

The accompanying videos are not intended to be high art, but rather a tool to show you how to make changes to the paper pattern that will improve the fit.

If there is a problem you perceive and cannot find in the PDF or the supporting videos, let us know.  This will be an evolving tool and as with our jacket and knit patterns, there will be changes and additions moving forward to keep it up to date.  (Wondering about Eureka! Pants fitting information?  This is dealt with in detail in the Eureka! direction book as some of the personalized fit work for the pants must be done in the mock up stage before an actual pair of pants can be cut and sewn.)

Work with Us

If you get the mock up made and need some assistance diagnosing the fit, plan to attend our spring Sew Successfully Retreat April 7-10.  Visit us at our OSQE booth in Atlanta, or take advantage of our Virtual Coachings for Sewists, available in our web store.  They give you 45 minutes of one-on-one conversation and instruction on any topic you choose including fitting the mock up.

Putting all the pieces together!

No eye candy this week, but simply the tools for basic fitting that allows our “eye candy” creations to fit well and feel great in addition to looking amazing.

Happy Sewing, RAE

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