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A Wardrobe of Traveling Eureka! Pants

I have been on the road for Fit For Art most of the Fall and my wardrobe of Eureka! Pants has made it easy to pack in an efficient way.

There they are
Here they are!


Here is a photo of my expanding line up of navy blue pants.  I find navy to be an easy color to wear with many of my Tabula Rasa Jackets Shirts, and Knit Tops.


From right to left I will tell you why I love each pair of pants and link you to a previous blog post about their styling.

Very pegged Eureka! Pants.
Very pegged Eureka! Pants.


First you see a very pegged pair of stretch denim Eureka! Pants.  In the Fall I wear them under long tops with navy or metallic flats.  In the Winter I tuck them into boots for a very clean look.  The button you see is for attaching an elastic stirrup to keep the pants neatly inside the boots.  Read more in this January Post!

Slit Silk Pants
Slit Silk Pants


Next are my favorite navy silk dupioni pants.  I pack them in my suitcase when there is a dressy occasion on my schedule. I finish them off with a Tabula Rasa Swing Variation Jacket.  They have a little slit on the outside of each leg; this technique was featured in this May Post.

Sporty Pants with Pocket Signature
Sporty Pants with Pocket Signature

Now you see my newest pair of Sporty Detail Eureka! Pants.  I added my initials to the pocket so they would be “signature jeans”.  The Sporty Details is our newest pattern that changes up the look of your Eureka! Pants.  Read more in this September Post.

photo pants wardrobe - slash pocket


The penultimate (my “NPR” word for second from the last) pants are very useful in dark navy.  They feature the slash pocket and fly front found in the Trouser Details Pattern.  These pants are made with a double faced cotton that has a wonderfully heavy hang.  Even though the leg is a bit fuller than my basic Eureka! Pants, they hang wonderfully.  The slash pocket is perfect for a cough drop or tissue during the fall cold season.  Last weekend I wore them with my Tabula Rasa French Jacket to teach both a morning and afternoon class at the ASDP Conference.  With stacked heel loafers, the look was quite professional.

photo pants wardorbe - silp


Lastly you see a navy pant slip.  Pants slips were the subject of an October Sew! Let’s Get Dressed post.  This one has a very narrow elastic waist to anchor the slip underneath my pants.  I find it takes up no space in the suitcase but keeps me warm when the weather turns unexpectedly chilly.


What styles and colors of Eureka! Pants fill your wardrobe?  Where do you find the best pants fabrics?  Share your wardrobe and shopping secrets with our Fit for Art community.

Worn out pants
Worn out pants


I am signing off, a few days early, from my front porch enjoying the perfect Fall day.  Make note that I am wearing a very worn out pair of jeans, which were a pre-cursor to the Eureka! Pants with Sporty Details.  When you read this post, Carrie and I will be setting up our booth at the International Quilt Festival in Houston.  If you are attending, please come by and say hi.  It is our first Houston Quilt Festival experience and we hope to see many old friends and make lots of new friends.  If you will not be in Houston, follow our adventures on Facebook.

Happy Sewing,  RAE

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  1. I don’t have the Eureka! Pants pattern yet, but this is an inspiring post! I love your idea of the pants all being navy to coordinate with your other garments. I also enjoyed reading about the different ways that you have styled the pants to make them appropriate for any occasion. I’m now off to scurry down the numerous rabbit holes (links) you have offered in the post. Thanks!

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