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DIY Cruise Wardrobe

We were blown away by the wonderful wardrobe of Fit for Art makes that our friend Therese crafted for her anniversary celebration with family on an island cruise in December.  We’ve had the pleasure of welcoming Therese to several of our recent retreats where she worked on developing her Eureka! Pants, Tabula Rasa Knit, Carpe Diem Dress and Tabula Rasa Jacket patterns successfully and began sewing up a practical but fun wardrobe. We are sharing some of our favorites with you in today’s blog post. She has written excellent descriptions and, quite obviously, she had a great time wearing them. Enjoy Therese’s report and description of her beautiful garments.

Creating a Perfect Cruise Wardrobe

“We had a wonderful cruise with the family. It was everything we anticipated and more. As promised I am sending you my wardrobe made with FFA patterns.

Carpe Diem Dress in a beautiful floral linen

1. “This is a lined linen Carpe Diem Dress with cap sleeves. I followed the basic pattern except left an 11-inch slit on the left front/side seam. It was very comfortable and looked so nice for our special celebration dinner. I am wearing it in our lovely photo (which opened the post).

One of three knit dresses

2. “This Knit Tee dress and two others like it are what I wore to dinner. Each dress is made with a rayon blend knit that has a nice flow with movement. They traveled very well, staying wrinkle free. All of the shoulders are reinforced to support the weight of the dress. To make the dress I used the basic tee pattern and incorporated the A-line of the Carpe Diem dress below the waist. And this one has the Wide Neckline Variations with double rounded collars.

3. “A swing Knit Tee top made with rayon blend knit and white linen pants. The pants were made with a stretch woven linen and had to be adjusted to accommodate the amount of stretch that occurs with wearing them. The pants were from the Eureka! Pants with Sporty Details patterns.

4. “White linen knit waterfall cardigan paired with the linen pants and a navy shell made from the Tabula Rasa Knit Tee  pattern with the Twin Set Variation. Perfect for a breezy day at sea.

5. “Swirl pattern on rayon blend knit. Basic Knit Tee pattern with curved hemline and tulip sleeves. Sleeves and hem are finished with rolled edge.”

Why not make your own wardrobe?

We have saved a few more of Therese’s makes for social media this week, so keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram. We hope this success story encourages you to make plans to come and sew along with us April 5-7 in Baltimore during our annual Spring Sew Successfully retreat. There are a couple spaces left, and you will get to meet Therese, who will be joining us too. Hopefully she will bring some of her great jackets to share with you.

Carrie and I have a very important deadline this week and we are so grateful that Therese shared this wonderful wardrobe to inspire you while we are crazy busy creating some never-before seen inspirations. 

Happy Sewing, RAE

3 thoughts on “DIY Cruise Wardrobe

  1. Beautiful garments.

  2. Beautiful. I am encouraged that some people do make clothes and not quilts. Her outfits look great. She demonstrates how easy the fit for art patterns are to use.

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary! Your celebration wardrobe has been made with care and beautiful craftmanship and is so flattering! You’ll enjoy each piece for a long time and have special memories with each wearing. The rolled hem detail on the tee is fun!

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