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Jumpstart Jacket Sewing Success

The Tabula Rasa Jacket sewing pattern was our very first Fit for Art Pattern.  We have sold thousands of them and offered fittings to those of you who have purchased it at an event or class.  Our website is full of inspirational samples, fitting assistance and blog chatter to get everyone sewing.  And yet, we know some of you have not had a successful start or have not even opened the pattern or given it a try.  Sewing is such a solitary activity and sometimes a little encouragement is needed.  We want our customers to sew jackets successfully.

Getting started with the correct size using our mock ups.

Take a Class

That is why we are offering an online class during the month of March to get you headed into spring, or fall in the southern hemisphere, with some fun Tabula Rasa Jacket sewing. 

Follow Along with 4 Weekly Sessions to Sew Jackets

We will begin with a session on picking the right size and making a mock up.  Then there is a week to get that started. 

A fabulous mock up, color blocked to imagine the possibilities

The second session will be about fitting the mock up, changing the pattern for an improved fit, cutting out the improved pattern on the chosen fabric and taking the first steps to sew the jacket with shoulder supports. 

The third session will be about constructing the signature square armhole, finishing seams, planning for the hems and sewing them in place.

A wide variety of Tabula Rasa Jackets.

The fourth session will be about adding the kimono band and considering closures.  Then I hope Carrie will join me to share some of the design and seasonal possibilities for the Tabula Rasa Jacket.

Bite sized chunks and a completed project are essential to keeping the jacket design and sew process moving forward.  If finding a comfortable fit feels like a real challenge, set up a video consultation with me to sort through your concerns. Class members will receive a coupon code for discounted consultations during the weeks of class.  We are committed to keeping the online gathering informational for everyone and not one student’s personal fitting session.

Love the French Cuff and the yellow blouse of this Home Decorator fabric Jacket.

Choose Fun Fabric

Last week my studio was turned upside down while choosing fabric for the class samples.  The wonderful heavy ivory cotton we recommend for mock ups and include in the Jacket Mock-up and Jacket Starter kits makes such a nice jacket it caused me to consider similar fabrics for the actual jacket I will make myself. 

Backdrop test with SewBatik Canvas on display.

When the studio did not yield anything particularly exciting, SewBatik canvas came to mind.  I immediately ordered some for my jacket in two coordinating fabrics.  Bruce and Diane of SewBatik are so much help when choosing fabric! While their cottons and rayons also make great TRJs, the canvas seems like a perfect weight for spring in the mid-Atlantic.  After ordering it, I realized it has one drawback: it looks the same on both sides and sometimes it is useful to have a clear right and wrong side to fabrics when you are sewing something for the first time.

A good fabric choice is something with two distinct sides.

Perhaps for the demo jacket I will use some light weight denim with a fun French Provencal home decorator print, which I uncovered last week in my studio search, as the accent.  It is both the right weight and has a distinct right and wrong side.

So you see, I am sweating the details and not just about fabric choices, but camera angles, effective power point summaries, online extras, coupon codes and demonstration techniques so you will have a terrific experience enjoying the group gatherings and then spending time making these tips, techniques and patterns your own.   

Testing backgrounds and cameras in the studio

Get Ready to Sew Jackets

Just don’t get ahead of yourself.  If you have registered for the class, gather your materials and wait for the sizing conversation before choosing a size and getting started on the mock-up.  We have figured out the best method so you can have a successful sewing experience.  Hope you will join us and SewBattical for a fun virtual experience.

An online trunk show with a discussion of the mock up.

Happy Sewing, RAE

9 thoughts on “Jumpstart Jacket Sewing Success

  1. Hi – the class sounds great, but I can only sew on weekends and during April – November, so it’s not a good fit. Sorry, I’d love to take it, I have a jacket project planned for this year.

    1. The classes will all be recorded and available for a year. You could watch the recording whenever it is convenient for you. Would love to have you join us.

  2. I signed up and I cant wait! I received the mock up fabric and rulers yesterday. : )

  3. I’m signed up for the March classes. Can’t wait to do this as I’ve had the pattern ever since the EXPO last year. I’m a hard fit (lots of shoulder and back issues), so I’ve been waiting to get help with this! Thanks a lot for doing this class!

  4. Sorry, I can’t find the dates and times and how to register. Help, please!

    1. You are so right, Here is the registration link at SewBattical The dates are Friday March 3,10,17, and 24 from 1:00PM to 2:30.

  5. I’ve been trying to view the page to sign up – all I find is in-person classes. I’ve clicked on every link in this email, and the previous email. 🙁 Interested in the class, but need to see the registration page to see how much $$ it is.

    thank you!

    1. found it in the comment above, just as I posted this! Thank you!

  6. I have had the pattern since Las Vegas ASG Conference. The picture of me in the blue coat hangs on my design board. I have a whole tote of special fabric saved for this project. I am so hoping this is what I need to get started.

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