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Shirt and Shacket Sewing

We shared our love for sewing shirts and the every popular shackets Tabula Rasa Style with the participants of Pam Damour’s Webathon on Friday and thought you might enjoy knowing this information too.

Here is the backdrop we used. Shirts and Shackets for all seasons, from Left to right quilted, Ikat with spread collar, Quilting cotton with stand collar and Linen with spread collar.

Here are the tips we shared with her audience in a fast paced presentation. You have plenty of time to check our ideas and suggestions.

Some great tips for starting to make shirts and shackets.

We get this question all the time about if sizing differences need to be made between the jacket and the shirt version of the jacket. Above is some very timely advice on the subject.

Pattern work is essential to taking the variation patterns and adjusting the Tabula Rasa Jacket for a new design.
New variation patterns and a TRJ front adjusted with the Shirt Variation template.

Follow along on Social Media this week to see some of the fun details and shirt making tips I am using to take the above patterns and turn them into a Shirt Variation Shacket in flannel.

Cut and ready to sew together.

Be inspired by our photo gallery of Shirt Variation garments. Shirts are also easily made with the Rain or Shine Variation and the Jean Jacket Variation.

Band Variation shirt, Rain or Shine Variation Shirt and a basic jacket and several Sleeve and Cuff Variations.

Mix and match the Pocket Variations, Sleeves and Cuffs, and Bands Variations too for a truly endless number of shirt options.

Stay tuned for Carrie’s upcoming blog about cutting making shirt yokes plus cutting yokes and side panels on the bias so you don’t have to match the plaid. You will be ever so fashionable.

Flannel Shirt at the Tree Farm
Shirt made with the Jean Jacket Variation Pattern.

Would your guild or sewing group enjoy a presentation about our patterns, or more precisely about Shirts and Shackets? E-mail about setting up a virtual meet up to inspire all your sewing friends.

Happy Shirt Sewing, RAE

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