Sleeve & Cuff Variations for the Tabula Rasa Jacket – Digital


Downloadable patterns and instructions for substituting two different sleeve styles and adding any of five cuff styles to the Tabula Rasa Jacket or tops.  Includes three download formats in all sizes, XS-3XL.


Downloadable patterns and illustrated instructions to change the style of  the Tabula Rasa Jacket with several sleeve and cuff variations.  Substitute the two new sleeve styles – a looser, shorter “Summer” sleeve and a graceful “Full” sleeve that gathers into a narrow cuff – for the original sleeve pattern.  Add any of the five cuff styles –  a band cuff, a turned-back cuff, a split turned-back cuff, a flaring bell cuff, and a lantern cuff – to any of the three sleeve styles to change the look of your next Tabula Rasa Jacket.  Includes three download formats in all sizes, XS-3XL.

Please note: this product does not include a full jacket pattern.  Refer to your core Tabula Rasa Jacket pattern for the front, back, side and band pattern pieces and for size information.

Like the Tabula Rasa Jacket, these sleeves and cuffs can be made up in a wide variety of fabrics. Fabric suggestions for each sleeve style are included in the instructions.  The Full sleeve requires a softly draping woven fabric such as sheer or opaque silk, rayon, tencel, bamboo, wool challis, fine cotton lawn, lace and velvet.

Find samples of all the sleeve and cuff variations on Tabula Rasa Jackets, shirts and blouses in our photo gallery and this video Trunk Show.

About Digital Patterns

Digital patterns are in PDF format and may be downloaded on your computer or mobile device. Each digital pattern may be downloaded three times only, so please save your files in a safe place after downloading. All digital patterns include five files:

  • Directions for how to print your digital pattern
  • A large format pattern that can be taken to a copy shop to print
  • An A0 format pattern that can be taken to a copy shop to print
  • A tiled pattern that can be printed at home on U.S. letter sized paper or A4 paper
  • The instruction book for your patterns, which includes information on design, fabrication, and construction.

The patterns and printing directions are now available for download in a zip file. A zip file is a compressed file or folder of files that takes up less storage space and can be transferred to other computers more quickly than uncompressed files. If you have any trouble with our zip files, or if you purchased a digital pattern before we migrated to zip files and are having problems re-downloading your pattern, please contact us.

For more information on digital patterns, please visit our Digital Patterns FAQ page.

Sleeve & Cuff Variations Pattern (back cover)


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