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Sew Creatively

Creative a is magical and mysterious word. It has become a badge of honor in some sewing circles to sew creatively or at least strive to be more creative.  What does that mean?  Being at home during the pandemic has afforded me some time to ponder, plan and sew creatively using my tried and true Fit for Art Patterns.  That means some of the classes I am teaching in 2022 include the creative element of sewing and design.

Collaged and Painted Tunic
Collaged and Painted Carpe Diem Tunic

How and Why

Is creativity something available only to a special few?  I think not.  In fact, social science researchers have been studying creative people and what they find is the importance of practice, mastery of tools, time to explore, a curiosity to try new things and a determination to see the project through.  Mind you the scholars use a lot of “big word” labels to state these facts.

My personal journey with creative sewing started about 30 years ago when my toddlers got old enough to go to school and I wanted to make myself some interesting clothes.  But that is a story for another day.

Carrie’s Boro Vest

Virtual Inspiration

Allow yourself some time to begin considering new ways to add creative practices into your sewing toolbox.  At the virtual Sewing and Stitchery Expo, open to anyone with a computer and a general admission ticket, log into my free stage classes: Quilted Jackets, Creative Hemlines, Notable Knits, and Sew Garments that Scratch Your Creative Itch.

In each one we will look at expanding your sewing knowledge base through embellishment or creative pattern work or fabric manipulation.

Garments hung for a virtual trunk show

We love that virtual classes are available to anyone, no matter where you live and your ability to travel.  The trunk show format allows for lots of inspiration, not to overstimulate but so you can find one idea that resonates and encourages you to skip down the creative path in a future garment sewing project.  Also available to Sewing Clubs and Guilds, our virtual classes like the one I am teaching for an Iowa ASG group this Saturday are packed with tips and tools to sew successful and creative garments.

Inspiration is always available online in our photo gallery of samples and in our huge archive of past blog posts. Whether you are looking for the answer to a specific question, technique or fabric inspiration, or just want to browse, we hope you will make frequent use of these resources to get you sewing successfully and creatively.

In Person Inspiration

At the Atlanta Original Sewing and Quilt Expo, in addition to the Creative Hemlines, Notable Knits and Scratching your Creative Itch classes, there is a class on Layering with some new samples created during the days of isolation. In our booth you can see all our inspirational garments up close and personal.  That is what makes a live event so special.  Fabric is a tactile medium and cameras are a tricky business.  Folks in our booth often say, this is more beautiful in person.  There will even be a fashion show where you can see some of our creative garments successfully walking down the runway.  If you are coming to the Atlanta Expo, plan to model your own outfits too!

A peek in our booth.

Ready to Start?

Expos, live or virtual, offer inspiration that can light a small fire in your sewing habits, taking you to a new place.  You don’t really have to go far, a new hem, a pieced yoke, an exposed seam might be the change you need. Use your trusted Fit for Art Patterns as the base for your creative exploration. It is what they were made for!

If you want a good read to encourage your creative journey as you wait for the March expos, try Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.  It is one of the most hopeful and optimistic books on creativity I have ever read.

Olive jacket weight fabric surrounded by kimono chunks, looks like a mess now, but it will be something special when it is finished.

Take a look through your stash too for inspiration, here is a photo of a new stash-based project I am getting ready to work on.  Can you imagine the possibilities here?  Carrie is posting on Instagram and Facebook right now about a stash project she is working on for spring. Be sure to take a look and as always, stay tuned.

Sew Happy, RAE

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