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Boro Jacket – Vote for the Final Finishes

A Boro technique Tabula Rasa Jacket takes many hours of hand stitching and, before that, some careful thought regarding design and composition.  Fortunately, I did not have to pick a pattern because my trusty Tabula Rasa Jacket (TRJ) pattern was perfect for this patching technique which I mixed with raw edge collage.

Jacket back with band ready for its boro finishes.

In honor of my Fashion Forward Quilted Jacket trunk show scheduled for Friday morning on the Sewing and Stitchery Expo stage, I have been racing to complete this fun jacket.  I started it in earnest at our 2018 August retreat.  You can see the early work in my Yay! For Mary Ray post from January 2019.  If you follow Fit for Art on Facebook and Instagram, perhaps you are already sick of this jacket’s slow assemblage.

Constructing the Jacket

Over the last few weeks I finished the boro stitching on the fronts, cut and stitched patches to each side, added serged stripes to the sleeves (more on this technique later), and assembled the jacket.  The raw edge construction seams and patches are lapped over the machine stitched lining seams for the final patching flourish.

Finishing the Edges

I had a large pre-washed piece of brown linen identified for the band finishes.  Visit my quilting Ideas Pinterest page and see if you can find the two jackets that inspired the shaped bands.  I created the band pattern last week and identified the serger stitch that I wanted to use to finish the band’s raw edges.

Sunday was scheduled to construct and apply the bands.  It started smoothly, but soon slowed to a crawl when the loose weave of the curved linen band began stretching out of shape.  Time to slow down and do this carefully.  After testing some stabilizing techniques, I decided to fuse some narrow bias stay tape all around the band’s inside edge which was to be finished with the serger and then boro stitched to the jacket.  Next, I hand basted the flannel filling to the underside of the shaped band to stabilize it before serging the raw edges.

Reinforcing the curved band edges with stay tape.

Considering the care and hours already invested in this jacket, it was worthwhile to spend a little more time for excellent finishing touches.

Choose the Final Sleeve Design

Now it is your turn to help me know when enough is enough.  Which sleeve do you like better: one with stacked patches, one with scattered patches, or one with no patches?  I am counting on your feedback to get me to the end of this satisfying project.

If I cannot get to these final cuff details in the next two busy weeks, I will finish the handwork on the airplane as we travel to Puyallup for the Sewing and Stitchery Expo. Hope to see you there, or at the Atlanta or Cleveland Original Sewing and Quilt Expo where I will be talking about this coat in my Embellish a Contemporary Wardrobe class.

Happy Sewing, RAE

Read more about the fabrics used in the 2015 Sew! Let’s Get Dressed post Quilted Jackets for Fall, and the collage placement in Coffee and Collage from spring 2019.

18 thoughts on “Boro Jacket – Vote for the Final Finishes

  1. I’m voting for stacked patches. Beautiful work, as always, Rae.

  2. I like the look of the stacked cuff…your work is beautiful and so inspiring

  3. Stacked! Regardless of your final choice, it will be perfect.

  4. I prefer the simple cuff with no patches. Less is more. Very unusual jacket.

  5. I like the scattered cuff #2, but as others have pointed out, whatever you ultimately decide will be wonderful! Really a lovely jacket.

    1. Thanks for all these great comments, hope to hear from more of you before I finally decide. RAE

    2. Stacked.

  6. Stacked and then plain. This is a work of art and love. Simply beautiful.

  7. Stacked

  8. I like the simple cuff so the eyes stay focused on all the beauty of the jacket body.

  9. I am in the less is more camp. I think a simple sleeve will showcase the jacket. What ever you decide it is stunning.

  10. What a stunning job on your Jacket and I love the way you help us realize that not every sewing venture needs to be quick!! I am so glad you are explaining the Process of it all…..I am no expert but my vote is for a plain cuff, allowing the jacket to be the show…. LOVE IT.

  11. I prefer the stacked patches. I think the plain sleeve looks unfinished compared to the rest of the jacket.

  12. The simple cuff lets the rest of the jacket shine. The eye can focus on the great design of the body.

  13. Another vote for stacked as first choice with second choice of plain:-) What a wonderful jacket! I love the collage with stitching…very on trend… Also, I bet those colors look amazing on you. Stitch it up and WOW them.

  14. I prefer the simple cuff, which I think showcases the rest of the jacket. I also enjoyed seeing the process.

  15. I vote for the plain sleeve. The jacket is beautiful! It does’t need anything to compete with it.

  16. I like the simple sleeves for all the reasons above but then again, the boro style is pretty busy for me personally (yours looks wonderful) so it makes sense I would go for the plainer sleeve.

    Beautiful work!

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