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Why? Eureka!

Welcome to Sew! Let’s Get Dressed, a weekly blog that encourages you to sew successfully. 

The name of our pants pattern is intended to inspire you to stitch your way to perfect pants so you can say Eureka! I have Pants that Fit.

This week we are hosting a 5-day licensing class in Baltimore for Eureka! Pants Professionals.  We want to expand the Eureka! Pants community all around the country by training sewing professionals to teach classes and stitch pants that fit for their clients.  Click on this link to find our current Licensed Eureka! Pant Professionals.

Sarah Veblen sizing pants on a Licensee.

Why do we encourage sewing pros to work with us?  Because we use a very different method of fitting pants.  If you have been sized in the Eureka! Pants at a private event, Expo or Sew! Let’s get Dressed retreat, you know that we fit pants from the crotch curve up to the waist instead of the classic method of fitting pants from the waist down.  Our 3 different back crotch curves and unfinished waist make this a natural process.

Why do we use this method?  We find this a successful fitting system because if the crotch curve is not correct, the pants hang poorly and feel uncomfortable.  Shaping the pants along the side seams is not hard once the crotch curve is comfortable.

Another fitting on the first day of Licensing class

Why don’t you have a defined waist on the pattern?  This was a very intentional decision. Both Sarah Veblen and I had fit many women in pants and we observed that every woman has a different preference for her waist placement.  So, we offer choices.

A previous group of Licensing gals celebrate.

Why did you create this pattern when there are already lots of pants patterns on the market?  After Sarah finished writing her Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting she realized there were strong trends in the crotch curves of her many samples.  She thought this might be a good base for a pattern and she knew that her friends at Fit for Art would be the perfect collaborators.  Our pattern development team felt that the special features of 3 crotch curves and waist and dart personalization would offer a wonderful alternative for clever stitchers who want pants that really fit.  It also allowed us to move away from unflattering fitting labels describing body shapes and figure quirks. Our goal is to normalize every type of body in every size.

Central PA ASG in wearable pants mock ups

Why do you have to draw the grainlines and HBLs (Horizontal Balance Lines) on the mock up?  The grainlines and HBLs are drawn onto the mock-up to inform the pattern adjustments.  Working out the pants adjustments in the fabric mock-up is so simple when we follow the lines.  It lets us nuance the fit while attending to the fit preferences of each woman.

Getting ready to stitch together pants!

Why haven’t I made Eureka! Pants yet?  What a great question, there is no time like the present.  Plan to come to our Sew! Let’s get Dressed retreat in Baltimore August 21-25.  Click on these bold letters to get to the detailed description and registration information.  You will have a grand time meeting new sewing friends and getting your Eureka! Pattern ready to go.  Or visit our booth at a Sewing & Quilt Expo this fall (in Cincinnati, Fredericksburg or Novi) or at the ASG Annual Conference in Las Vegas in July and schedule a sizing.  Better yet, invite us to teach a pants fitting class for your club, guild or store.

Have you started your Eureka! pants journey?  Tell us about it.  We are committed to bringing well-fitting pants patterns and design suggestions to stitchers everywhere.  Help us spread the word.

Happy Sewing, RAE


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  1. Loved the week with Rae, Sarah and Carrie. I learned more in 5 days about pants fitting than in 55 + years of frustrating sewing experience with pants. I am eager to teach sewists who have had similar trouble. Thanks my friends!

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