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Welcome to Sew! Let’s Get Dressed, a weekly blog that encourages you to sew successfully. 

Have you noticed that we have adopted a new motto, “Sew Successfully”?  We love it because that is our goal – to help you sew successfully.  We strive to give you a successful and satisfying sewing experience beginning with our Core Wardrobe Patterns.  The Tabula Rasa Jacket (TRJ), Eureka! Pants that Fit (EPTF), and the Tabula Rasa Knit Tee & Tunic (TRK) are designed to help you get a comfortable and flattering fit in a basic style and teach you the tools and skills you need to construct garments to fit your personal curves and chosen lifestyle.  The patterns work together to help you sew up a versatile, contemporary wardrobe.

Carrie and I love wearing our Fit for Art fashions.

Our variations and details patterns offer you fun and fashionable ways to change up the look of each core wardrobe pattern so you have endless wardrobe possibilities.  The Sew! Let’s Get Dressed blog posts and Helpful Hints on our website nurture your sewing adventures with information about fabrics, resources, step by step technique tutorials and inspiration.

Drafting tips from the blog.

Retreats and classes offer you a chance to learn with us by your side, encouraging you to sew without fear!  Sharing your Fit for Art sewing experiences on social media helps us grow and expand our successful sewing community as we post your projects along side our own on Facebook and Instagram.   Enjoy these snapshots of a few of our retreat participants sewing successfully on their projects!

Jeanette’s saucy knit boat neck and scarf
Kathy’s rain jacket in laminated cotton
Barb’s repurposed jacket in progress


Have you taken advantage of all the sewing fun we offer?  We hope you will share your excellent experiences with the greater sewing world so other sewists can #sewsuccessfully too.  When you post a new Fit for Art garment on your Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest page, include the hashtag #fitforartpatterns in the description.  If you want, throw in a #sewsuccessfully too and a # followed by the name of the pattern used.  For instance, #tabularasajacket with #bandvariationsandpockets.  When you or others are looking for inspiration, you can search these hashtags (#) to see what our Fit for Art community is sewing right now.

In January we started posting projects of the week on Instagram.  They usually include:

  • A photo of the fabric before it is cut out.
  • A photo of the layout or cutting process.
  • A photo of one element of construction.
  • A photo of the finished project.
Patsy’s fabric selection
Construction in progress
Patsy’s finished Japanese jacket


This group of project photos feature Patsy’s Japanese jacket, which she worked on at our March retreat.  We’d love to see your project photos posted with our hashtags!  Don’t forget to use our hashtags in the text when you are posting your photos!  If you aren’t a social media fan, send us a set of photos to feature your project on Fit for Art’s Instagram account.

If Instagram is new to you, it is easy to get started.  You can create your own account from your computer or with an app on your smartphone. Here is a link to Instagram’s step-by-step instructions in the Instagram help center.  After you create an account, you can follow Fit for Art by typing fitforartpatterns in the search box, then clicking on the “Follow” button when it appears.

Include the hashtag # symbol when you are posting on Facebook or Pinterest, too, so your Fit for Art garment will be seen when anyone searches for inspiration with our hashtags.

It is certainly an exciting time in the history of visual communication.  Let these opportunities enhance your experience so you can #sewsuccessfully with our collection of patterns and inspirational ideas.  Share our blog and Facebook posts with your sewing friends too, so we can expand the #fitforartpatterns sewing community.

If you are not social media savvy, send us your photos at or through the contact us page on our website.  We are always available to dote on your creations and answer any specific questions about fit or fabric as you embark on your journey to #sewsuccessfully.

We have all sorts of sewing fun coming your way this year so make sure you and your sewing friends don’t miss a single project.

Happy Sewing, Rae and Carrie

Enjoy receiving our blog? Sharing is caring, so forward this post to a friend by clicking on the Forward link at the upper right corner of your e-mail notification.  Remember that the beauty of the Fit for Art System is you can sew successfully with endless variations. Take a moment to review our variation patterns offered by clicking here.  Also, are you following us on social media?  Take a moment to check us out on Facebook and Instagram and follow the hashtag #fitforartpatterns.

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  1. Thank you for your Blog with lots of interesting information!

    1. You are welcome! Glad to see you sewing such lovely things Patsy. RAE

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