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Say Hello to Rain or Shine Variations

Rain or Shine Variations - front cover

Ready to sew up some really fun new variations for your Tabula Rasa Jacket (TRJ)?  Then these Rain or Shine Variations are just for you.  They are so irresistible!  Here is a closer look at this jam-packed variation pattern.

Our first idea for naming these TRJs was “Center Front Variations” since all of the design options meet in the middle.  But that name seemed too boring for this fun group of variations that can be closed with a zipper, buttons and loops, frogs, or other center opening options.  Especially when you add all the great extras – a hood, collar, two styles of pockets, and other fun design ideas and instructions.

Its a Spectical
Its a Spectical – front view with detachable hood

Let’s start with the hood.  We experimented with a variety of hood shapes and sizes before settling on this two-piece hood with a crown and brim.  You can attach the hood, or make it detachable on a jacket with a collar.  In water resistant fabric, it makes a perfect raincoat.  The 16-page instruction booklet also offers tips for sewing on laminated cotton prints like the one featured in the April Showers raincoat.  Watch this blog for hood tips and tricks as we move towards fall.

April Showers Laminated Cotton Coat
The hot pink zipper is the perfect finish for this colorful raincoat.

In stable French terry, fleece, or ponté knit, Rain or Shine also makes a comfy hoodie.  Add the exterior sweatshirt pocket for collecting treasures and warming hands.  The instruction booklet also includes easy directions for cinching the sleeve with an elastic band for a classic sweatshirt jacket finish.Pair of Rain or Shine Sweatshirts

The jewel neckline, with or without a collar, and funnel neckline pattern variations make easy blouse-like tops.  You’ll find that this is the perfect variation for a bold print to “meet in the middle” at the center front closure, like this wool challis Rain or Shine with a collar.

Wool Challis winter shirt
Wool Challis winter shirt

Accent a jewel or funnel neck version with flat piping to give definition to the neck edge.

Silk blend funnel neck Rain or Shine
Silk blend funnel neck Rain or Shine

Stack a group of coordinating prints and trims for an artful look.

All the Trimmings Linen Blouse
The piecing is on the back too.

All of the blouse versions pictured here feature a modesty panel that extends under the front closure to keep you looking neat.

Reversible raincoat

Double your wardrobe options by making this fun variation reversible.  The pattern includes a sidebar that takes you through the steps from planning to finishing a reversible Rain or Shine Variation.  Carrie made a very practical raincoat that is all-purpose black outerwear fabric on one side, reversing to a green-grey on the other.

Liberty of London side of reversible Funnel neck shirt
Liberty of London side of reversible Funnel neck shirt

Her reversible funnel neck shirt is terrific for travel when limited in the number of garments that can be packed.

There are directions for you to change up the TRJ back to add ease with a pleat which was used in the It’s a Spectacal Jacket, or with an adjustment to create a swing back which was used in the beach coat and both rain coats.

Endless Summer Beach Coat
Here is a back view where you can see the swing back and the hood.

Order your copy of Rain or Shine Variations now so you can sew up a zip front beach coat or a cool shirt for this summer.  Don’t forget to send us photos of your new creations.

Liberty Cotton Rain or Shine Variation of the Tabula RAsa Jacket
Liberty Cotton Rain or Shine Variation of the Tabula RAsa Jacket

If you are headed to Indianapolis this week for the ASG Conference, visit us in the vendor market to see these new Rain or Shine TRJ samples and to pick up a copy of the pattern for your late summer and fall sewing pleasure.  While you are there, check out the Echino raincoat fabric we have with a matching zipper and our Sew Batik Rayon bundles.  The shopping has never been better.

Happy Sewing, RAE

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  1. I got my raincoat variation in the mail. So exciting with many variations to choose from. Thanks. BTW, will you be bringing any of the echino raincoat fabric to the Expo in Fredericksburg, Virginia?

    1. If we have some left, you can bet it will be at the Expo. It is hard to get a hold of. RAE

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