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Pants and Pockets to be Thankful For

Every morning when getting dressed I experience the bliss of pulling on a pair of pants that fit.  Since it is Thanksgiving week and I am counting my many blessings, I am mindful of the little things that keep me moving through the day with ease.  In the morning, I enjoy my hot shower, the pleasure of choosing my clothes from my well-stocked wardrobe, 2 cups of “half caff” coffee while reading the paper edition of the Baltimore Sun.  I am still savoring this little routine after my many weeks of travel this fall.

Love these pants and their pockets.
Love these pants and their pockets.

The wardrobe that fits, blessedly, is available every day of the year no matter where I get dressed.  It is true that when I travel, for work or pleasure, I always pack extra pairs of pants.  Most of my wardrobe essentials I could replace at a store, but comfortable pants would present a problem.  My Eurekas are not too tight in the waist or too loose in the hips and thighs.  They do not drop down in back when I squat down to pin a hem, and don’t bag generously in the front when I sit in a chair.

Dark Denim Sporty Details with matching top stitching.
Dark Denim Eureka’s with Sporty Details and matching top stitching thread.

Another thing about my pants I am thankful for are the pockets that work.  The front pockets are deep enough to keep my “stuff” safe while being strategically placed so they are flattering on my body.  I think about what needs to go in the pockets of each new pair of pants and plan accordingly.

In my comfy Eurekas with Sporty Details, I am happy to have hip pockets.  They are placed a bit high by current fashion standards.  That means that what I put into the pockets does not fall out or get bent when I sit down.

In the Sporty Details pattern we encourage you to choose the size of the hip pockets as well as their placement.  When we were compiling the pattern, I spent some time observing the placement of hip pockets on all sorts of people.  It was an entertaining exercise which prompted me to pay attention to where I place my pockets.

Guy at the mall with pretty low pockets.
Guy at the mall with pretty low pockets.

If you are not sure where to place your pockets, observe the pockets on your favorite jeans and those of other people who have a similar build.  Test some choices by making a couple pockets and basting or safety pinning them to your Sporty Detail Eurekas.

A woman at the mall with snug pockets.
A woman at the mall with snug pockets, a little low for me.

Use a mirror or have a friend take photos for you to observe your back and consider the pocket placement.  If you are not sure about the placement, move them as desired then take another look.  Once you are satisfied, stitch the pockets on permanently and then mark the location on your pattern to reference when you make your next pair.

Hip pockets are also a great place to personalize your jean style pants.  If I decorate mine, I simply stitch my initials on one hip pocket, using the topstitching thread.  For my dressier Sporty Details, I use a topstitching thread that blends into the pants and leave the pockets undecorated.

Sporty Pants with Pocket Signature
My  Pocket Signature

What are your favorite pants pockets?  Have you ever decorated your pockets?  Do you have a hip pocket signature?  Send us a photo to share with our community.


Happy Sewing and Happy Thanksgiving!  RAE

2 thoughts on “Pants and Pockets to be Thankful For

  1. I am thankful for being a recipient of Fit for Art tips. :). Nancy

    1. Nancy, Thanks so much for your sweet comment, Happy Thanksgiving! RAE

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