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Sew! Let’s Get Dressed – Starting On Your Pants Journey

Journeying into new territory, like sewing pants that fit, starts with a carefully crafted mock up and a brave spirit.  The Eureka! Pants that Fit pattern is your guide for a successful journey.  If you choose to have a pants sizing in our pink fitting room at an Expo, you will receive a personalized road map for your pants journey as well.

When we were at the OSQE in Lakeland, FL in March we met Rose Marie.  She had a pants fitting then enthusiastically went home and began her pattern work and mock-up sewing.  We were delighted when she sent us some photos of her mock-up with comments and questions.  As we were e-mailing back and forth, I asked if we could share her comments on my with you on our blog.  Her honest observations and reactions might encourage you to start your own pants, especially if you have hesitated for fear of disappointment or failure.  Here is Rose Marie’s report:

“All the HBLs lookEureka Pants 1 front
like they should
to me.
The waist is very
snug. I need
about 1.5 inches
for ease and
tucking in shirts.
I am pretty rectangular
in shape
and this degree
of tightness at
my waist is not
very comfortable.
I always use
a belt or a fitted
waist. I know
this is personal



“All the HBLs lookEureka Back2
like they should
to me in the
This area that I
circled is snug
and cleaves in a
It looks like I am
leaning forward
but I don’t think I
am. The legs
look pretty good.”






“All the HBLs look

Eureka left sidelike they should
to me on
the left side.”















“All the HBLs lookEureka Right side
like they should
to me on
the right side.
I need to adjust
the waist”












After looking at her photos, I suggested that she would get more room in her seat if she extended the back crotch extension and ease the addition down to the notch on the inseam.  It looked to me that her back HBL’s were dipping ever so slightly.  I also suggested, as she already knew, that letting out the side seams and the darts a bit would give her the extra room she needed in the waist.  Her reply – “I will do the additions and try again.  I have learned that adding a bit at a time is the best way to go. ” And she is totally correct – slowly tweaking your pants will give you a fit that just keeps getting better.

I will close with what she wrote in her very first message: ” I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the overall fit and the directions you wrote and gave me to create the muslin.”

We hope your Eureka! Pants that Fit journey gets off to as good a start as Rose Marie’s.  Tell us about how you are doing; you can also give a shout out to Rose Marie for sharing her first steps with us all.

Happy Sewing, RAE

5 thoughts on “Sew! Let’s Get Dressed – Starting On Your Pants Journey

  1. I love this blog!

    1. Thanks, we love sharing our ideas. RAE

  2. Rae – I have your pant pattern and have use the back for the flat seat. It fits good in the seat but still have too much fullness just under the seat beside the thighs. Any suggestions? thanks

    1. Hi Pat, Try shortening the back crotch at the inseam. Begin with about 3/8″ and add in 1/8″ increments after that. You can also see if taking in the side seams in the thighs will help. Let us know how it goes. RAE

      1. Thanks Rae- I will let you know about your suggestions.

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