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Learning To Cut Anew

I have been sewing for years, over 55 at least.  It began with hand stitching while my mom sewed on the machine.  She was great at conjuring up hand sewing projects for my dolls in an effort to keep me away from her precious sewing machine.  But, as soon as possible, I started cutting and […]

Splashes & Dots

Oh So Trendy

If you follow fashion you know that each season the magazines identify trends to help you curate a wardrobe that is “Au Courant”.  We don’t usually think of our pattern collection and design direction as trendy, but this year some of the spring and summer trends fall right in line with our Fit for Art […]

Dots and Notches

Blog Post – Dots and Notches Flat pattern notations are like a special language.  If you have sewn for a long time using commercial American flat patterns you probably speak the language fluently.  If you are new to sewing, it might seem like a foreign language. We are busy finishing up the details of a […]

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