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Handloom Batik Quilted Jacket

Quilted jacket created from a group of coordinating hand block printed Indian cottons from Handloom Batik.  (This company sells its beautiful and unique fabrics at national and regional quilt and sewing shows.)   This jacket features a “shawl collar” with piping on the edge between the contrasting fabrics and exterior kangaroo pockets, directions for which are found in Band Variations and Pockets for the Tabula Rasa Jacket.  The cuffs, with a contrast facing fabric, can be worn down or turned back.  Refer to Sleeve and Cuff Variations for directions.  The piecing design is based on the traditional block-within-a-block quilt square, scaled to fit the size of the pattern pieces.  Our booklet, Tips for Quilted Jackets, contains lots of great info for planning and creating your own quilted jacket from the Tabula Rasa Jacket pattern.

Handloom Batik Quilted - back

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