Purple Paisley & Dots Tee

Purple Paisley & Dots Tee

This cotton and lycra Tee features the Rounded Collar from Wide Neckline Variations for Tabula Rasa Knits.  Rae carefully planned placement of the front pattern piece on the paisley  before cutting out to avoid an awkward emphasis oat the bust.  (See Rae’s blog post on tricky design placement.)  She used the same coordinating dotted fabric for the side panels, collar and sleeve bindings.  The rounded collar is also lined with a solid blue fabric.

2 thoughts on “Purple Paisley & Dots Tee

  1. LOVE this fabric! What is it?

    1. The fabrics are rayon or rayon blend jersey fabric. Very similar to the fabrics we sell in our knit bundles at shows. Thanks for commenting. RAE

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