Lace Godet Tee

A very unusual panel printed rayon knit jersey was used to make this Tabula Rasa Knit Tee embellished with lace godets and a draped neckline from the Wide Neckline Variations.  The fabric was purchased on a trip to France and was so beautiful, it was difficult to decide how to cut and sew with it.  Once Rae found the blue rayon lace and the periwinkle jersey to slide underneath, the design began to take shape.  Read more about the design and construction of the godets and the full cuffs that repeat the accent fabrics in the post Lace Godets in a Tee.  What could be better, the comfort of a tee but the design features of a special occasion top.

The godets are placed in each of the 4 side panel seams.
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