Kaffe Fassett Cotton Jacket

This lightweight jacket was made from the Kaffe Fassett prints leftover from another jacket featured in our gallery, Jalousie Windows.  Kind of fun to see what else you can do!  Jalousie Windows is a quilted and lined jacket suitable for Spring outerwear, while this jacket is better suited to be a layer brightening up blue jeans and a tee shirt, or perhaps a jacket for cool summer evenings.  Like many of Rae’s cottons, the sections are sewn together with rolled edge seams on the outside of the jacket.  This type of construction is described for sheer and drapey fabrics in our Swing Variations for the Tabula Rasa Jacket, but is even easier to execute with light cottons.  They go together so quickly and easily that you can add several to your wardrobe!

3 thoughts on “Kaffe Fassett Cotton Jacket

  1. I like the Kaffe Fassett Tabula Rasa Jacket very much. Can someone show me how the back is configured?

  2. Is there a pattern and instructions for this?

    1. So glad you admire the jacket! We do not have instructions for making this jacket specifically. Like many of our pieced jackets, the fronts and back have been divided into sections for featuring multiple fabrics. The seams were then sewn on the outside on a serger with a rolled edge or narrow hem. The basic jacket instruction book has some information about dividing up your pattern pieces on page 13, “Jazzing up your Jacket”. The rolled edge technique for seams is discussed at length in our instruction book for Swing Variations. You could also find several blog posts written about using the technique if you search for the term “serger rolled edge” in our blog archive. It is best to learn this technique for the first time with stable cottons rather than sheer, slippery or drapey fabrics. I hope that helps you get started on a project!

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