For the Birds Tunics

For the Birds Tunics - front view

This pair of Tabula Rasa Knit Tunics are a great example of how you can use the same fabric differently.  Rae and Carrie both loved this fabulous bird print on a luscious rayon knit.  Rae made a swing-sided tunic incorporating two solid knits (black and contrasting green) and piecing  with a complementary print.  Her unique neckline combines a couple different techniques – the V-neck from the basic Knit Tee & Tunic pattern and the boat neck from Wide Neckline Variations.  Read more about Rae’s process in her blog post,  For the Birds.  Carrie’s full front Crossover Tunic incorporates the same two solid knits that Rae used, but in different locations.  Edging the tulip sleeves with the contrast color creates an especially striking effect.  You can follow a step-by-step on how to sew the Clever Crossing Variations tulip sleeve in the blog post More Crossings – a Tulip Sleeve.

For the Birds Tunics - back view
For the Birds Tunics – back view


Tulip sleeve with binding at hem
Tulip sleeve with binding at hem

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  1. So nice. Love the tulip sleeves. And great color and print choices.
    Thanks for sharing.

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