Circle My Stripes Sheer

Circle my Stripes

This sheer jacket features four different fabrics, a mix of silk and poly blends.  The fronts and backs are slit into strips of 2 fabrics, the sleeves and band are each another fabric.  Because Carrie didn’t have a single piece of the band fabric long enough to go all the way from hem to hem, rather than joining two pieces and creating a visible seam, she overlapped the two strips at the back of the neck.  As with many of the sheer jackets, Carrie joined the pieces with rolled edge seams on the outside of the jacket, which adds both strength and definition, and rolled the edges of the hem and center front band. This technique is explained in Swing Variations for the Tabula Rasa Jacket.  Directions for the sheer slightly ruffled band are also included with the Swing pattern book. These sheer jacket are great for evening wear. They also travel well because they weigh almost nothing and, depending on the fabric chosen, wrinkle very little.

Circle my Stripes - back

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