Bronze Beauty Sarong Jacket

This Tabula Rasa Jacket was made with a lovely cotton sarong in an unusual color combination.  The various details in the sarong print offered the distinct patterning in the front and the coordinating pattern on the sleeve.  It was featured in Rae’s article The Armhole Squared in the Oct/Nov 2018 issue of Threads Magazine (p.46).  The sections were divided with flat piping and a basic band crafted from cross-woven silk that matched perfectly.  Black cotton faille was used for the side panels which allows the prints to really pop without overwhelming the jacket in print.  There is an exterior kangaroo pocket inserted at the hemline of the left front; find directions in Band Variations and Pockets for the TRJ.  The cuff is the basic cuff from the Sleeve & Cuff Variations for the TRJ.   The vintage paste buttons from my button box added the perfect finish.

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