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Announcing…. Fit for Art Digital Patterns!

Digital Patterns close-up

Cue the trumpets… Fit for Art has a big announcement to make…

We are (finally) joining the modern age of sewing patterns by offering downloadable Fit for Art patterns!

We hope you are as thrilled as we are to introduce Fit for Art’s first digital patterns.   Many thanks to Madeline, a fellow professional from the Association of Sewing & Design Professionals, who has helped us convert our existing tissue patterns to this exciting digital format.  They are a thing of beauty!  Each pattern includes all available sizes.  Each size is assigned its own color and line graphic so they are easy to distinguish.  The sizes are layered so that you can print just the sizes you want to use.  More detailed information can be found in our Digital Pattern FAQs.

Launching digital TRJ Variations

Each downloadable pattern will include 5 files to store on your computer.  The first file contains directions for printing and preparing the patterns. Three files contain the patterns, one in each of 3 printing formats: a tiled format for printing at home on letter or A4 printer paper and then assembling, a 36” wide large format designed for large format printers in the U.S., and an A0 format designed for large format printers in the rest of the world.  The fifth file is our excellent illustrated instruction book which has been updated as needed; we have also added links to relevant blog posts and gallery photos on our website to help you find more detailed materials.

Today we are launching digital downloads with the release of four Tabula Rasa Jacket Variation patterns.  We have chosen to launch these first because, as our earliest Variation patterns, we have run out of the printed tissue.  Purchase and download updated digital patterns for:

Look for these changes

You’ll see a few changes in addition to the updated digital patterns.  Pocket patterns for the TRJ were originally combined with Band Variations; now they are available separately.  While we certainly recommend using these pockets with the Tabula Rasa Jacket, many of the pocket patterns and techniques can be added to many other garments as well, so we hope you get lots of use out of them.

The written directions for making a Tabula Rasa Vest, which were originally part of Swing Variations, are now available as a free downloadable PDF, Make a Tabula Rasa Vest.   The vest direction are updated to include making a straight-hemmed vest with a kimono band from the core Tabula Rasa Jacket pattern.

We plan to offer all of our patterns in digital format, adding them gradually.  The core Tabula Rasa Jacket and Knit Tee & Tunic patterns are up next and others will follow.  New patterns will be available as downloads right from the release date.  Many of the patterns will continue to be available in paper with a tissue pattern and printed book, especially the Core Patterns.  Some paper versions will be discontinued over time, as we are doing now with these four TRJ Variations.

Inspirational Samples

To find inspiration and samples for these four Jacket Variations, please visit the Photo Gallery for Swing, Sleeve & CuffBand and Pocket Variations.  You can also view a short video Trunk Show for each pattern on our YouTube channel, prepared especially for this.

We hope you will enjoy these downloadable patterns!  Please share your feedback after you’ve tried one.  Look for blog posts over the remainder of the summer featuring each of the TRJ downloadable Variations  to inspire you to sew successfully with Fit for Art Patterns.

Happy Sewing, Carrie

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