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Around the Clock Close Up

Tabula Rasa jacket Pattern, square armhole, Tabula Rasa KNit Tee

Sewing Fit for Art Patterns into outfits for every time of the day is our trunk show theme this year.  Since many of you cannot attend an Original Sewing and Quilt Expo, we plan to bring you an occasional highlight. Today we will see a bedtime ensemble.

I stitched up this nightgown and robe in early September right before we packed the van for our first fall expo.  The fabrics were on the shelf and had been earmarked for this project for a while.  Sometimes it takes a deadline to cut and sew a long-planned project.

Until this past week, these two garments were on a hanger in the Expo travel bags.  I brought them along to wear this week during the ASDP annual educational conference in Milwaukee.   They were perfect to change into at the close of each teaching day, which included social events too.

A partial look at the nightgown.

The night gown is a lengthened version of the Tabula Rasa Knit Tee (TRK).  The fabric is a very fine rayon and spandex knit.  It was too light weight for a daytime tee but perfect for sleeping.  The crossover detail comes from the Clever Crossings Variation for the TRK.  The stretch lace from my stash creates an elegant finish, but is very easy to apply.

The lace was gently stretched in place along the raw edges of the neckline and sleeves in the same way you would stretch a neck band into place.  I pinned it first, then stitched along the lower edge with a wide zigzag stitch.  Once I decided I liked the placement, I trimmed away the excess knit underneath for a very smooth edge.

The finished gown

The robe was made with a soft rayon challis.  It drapes nicely and feels lovely against my skin.  I adjusted my Tabula Rasa Jacket pattern (TRJ) to add extra width in front for a comfortable wrap.  Read about this pattern adjustment in the previous post, Bathrobe Needed.

The contrasting band, belt and cuff facing are also rayon, just a little sturdier than the robe fabric.  I interfaced the band and trimmed it with some black lace to tie the gown and robe together into an ensemble.

Instead of buttoning the robe, I used ribbon ties inside and a snap at the bottom of the band to secure the wrap front.

Tying the interior ties

Be sure to support the snap that falls in the interior of the robe with an interfaced square of fabric.

Snap support on the inside of the robe.

The tie belt simply provides a decorative accent.  I did not have much contrasting fabric, so I cut the belt in 3 pieces: two tie ends and a band across the back waist.

The back of the robe.

I used decorative plastic buttons to secure these belt pieces to the robe and to camouflage the front snap.

Because I pre-washed everything including the trims, I know this ensemble will be a favorite for a long time.  Don’t worry, I will wash both pieces and hang them back up for our next expo trip in November.  If you are coming to the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Novi MI, you can see them too.

Enjoying my new robe

Have you made a bathrobe or night gown yet, or perhaps you have extended your TRJ pattern to make a coat or dress?  Tell us about it so we can share it with the Fit for Art Community on Facebook or Instagram.

Happy Sewing, RAE


2 thoughts on “Around the Clock Close Up

  1. Dear Rae,

    Your lounging / sleep ensemble is really lovely, enjoy wearing it!


    1. Thanks Susan, I know it is destined to become another favorite TRJ! RAE

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