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Pick my Knit Design

We depart for Atlanta, our first 2019 Original Sewing and Quilt Expo, in two weeks so the countdown has begun.  There are samples to make, handouts to write, promotional materials to print and more.

here are a few new bundles

This season’s knit bundles are a colorful bunch and several of the fabrics that were not purchased to be bundled together seemed to be talking to each other in the studio.  So, I have challenged myself to design a new Tabula Rasa Knit top with these feisty prints to freshen up my wardrobe and provide a new sample for my Fashion Knits class.

Sometimes a new design is easy to identify, but more often I am struck by the number of options presented by a group of fabrics.  Experience tells me that wrestling with a new design usually leads to a very special garment.

Carrie’s new knit top made with a bundle.

My plan for this post was to write about my new top while promoting the new knit bundles and my knit expo classes.  Instead I am going to ask you to help me choose the design so I can cut and sew.  My priority is to use the large floral print and the paisley together.  There are 4 solids that can be added into the mix and the scraps from Carrie’s butterfly top are extra credit.  Use your imagination to visualize the finished tops:

  1. The floral print crossing over the paisley in a Clever Crossing Variations surplice top.

2.  The floral as front and back with a Wide Neckline Variations set of collars.

3.  A color blocked top with floral and paisley sharing the front and back space with colorful flat piping dividers and an appearance from the butterfly print.

4. A basic tee with a U neck or a ballet neckline accented with a pleated paisley detail. The sleeves would also be finished with the pleated paisley detail on either the rose or green solid.







The trick is always to create a fashionable top that is striking and interesting without being clownish.  I have visited my Sewing with Knits Pinterest Page a couple of times for inspiration, sketched a few ideas and made these photos, but I am paralyzed by the possibilities.

What do you think?  I beg you to leave me a comment about your favorite design.  Hopefully your influence will allow me to complete the top for this week’s Project of the Week on Instagram.  While you are voting, tell us all what you are sewing for spring.

Happy Sewing, RAE

14 thoughts on “Pick my Knit Design

  1. Voting for #4 with the rose option. Love the floral print.

  2. No. 2.

    1. So great to hear from both you lovely ladies! Thanks for voting.

  3. I like no. 3. I like that there is a lot of flexibility in the Choices

  4. I like the floral, paisley and solids but the butterfly pattern starts to go towards clownish in my opinion. I guess I sorta like 3 the best but to be honest I would do more paisley bodu and floral collar etc. I feel like the smaller paisley will be more slenderizing and the floral scares me in that one always risks a poorly placed bouquet! I am excited to see what you end up with! I have signed up for a coule of your classes here in Atlanta. As a matter of fact I was just working on a muslin for my first tabula rasa jacket! I am hopin to wear it to expo either to proudly sho off my accomplishment or to seek advice on my failure!

    1. See you in Atlanta Angi, thanks for your comments!

  5. I like #4 with the rose solid sleeve option best.

    I am very attracted to the collar on Carrie’s new knit top. Do you have instructions available to make it?

  6. Number 4. I love the floral with the rose contrast, but I also love the paisley. I will be looking for one of these bundles! I adore the neckline on Carrie’s top…I need to learn how to do that!

    1. Thanks for voting, we do not have the directions for the new collar yet, but it’s coming because it is really great!

  7. I really like the floral with the green or rose and I like the paisley with the rose. I am not attracted to #1 because I feel it would make me look huge. I am a DD and that type of top is not my cup of tea. My choice is #4 with the rose. I do like the idea of the pleated paisley. That is very cool.

  8. Tough call but I also like #4 with rose sleeves – and I think the floral print is so you! Can’t wait to see the finished garment.

  9. Hey Rae! I’m thinking surplice front with the binding and curved hem. I like the rose colored fabric for binding with your coloring…

  10. My first choice is #3 to enjoy all of the prints together. I like the evergreen solid running vertical, but might put in the rose solid instead of the light pink solid running horizontally. Not that the light pink looks bad…just want to try out the rose! My second choice is #1 with the binding and curved hem variation… I like the rose solid a lot… Can you double up on the rose & light pink together as a two tone binding? ….because this design doesn’t have enough going on…LOL!

  11. Hi Rae
    I like #1 w the pleated cuff from 4.

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