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Knit Details – Rounded Collars

We love sewing knit tops the Tabula Rasa way with the pattern’s easy square armhole, some interesting knit fabrics and a fun detail or two.  Take a look at our knit gallery pages to inspire you to jump on the knit bandwagon.  Today we will take a close look at the rounded collar detail from our Wide Neckline Variations (WNV) for the Tabula Rasa Knit Tee and Tunic (TRK).  Before we begin, we want to let you know that there are just a few spaces left in our Tabula Rasa Knit workshop January 20 and 21 in Baltimore.  If you are nervous about sewing knits or want to expand your knit sewing repertoire, this is a great chance to learn with us by your side!  Plus, you will get first crack at the lovely rayon knits we have purchased for our spring bundles.

Rising Bubbles with Rounded Collar
Features the rounded collar with a decorative button and flared cuffs.

Now let’s take a look at some of the rounded collars we have created for our Wide Neckline tees.  The rounded collar is asymmetrical, with the collar curving over one shoulder and then finishing on the opposite shoulder with a faux tie or button accent.  This collar may be lined, unlined or layered.  Because the collar also finishes the neckline on the tee or tunic, choose light weight knits so the neckline does not get too bulky.

If you are lining the collar and you want it to keep its shape over time, interface at least one side of the collar.  Use a light weight tricot interfacing.  The Soft Stretch in our Interfacing Sampler is great for this collar.  If you have a super stretchy knit you want to control, the Envy Silk or French Fuse in our sampler will provide a more stable collar base.  Fuse samples of the interfacing onto your knit scraps to help you make an educated choice.

Rising Bubbles - Collar Detail
Collar and button detail.

A lined collar can be the same fabric top and bottom, or you can use coordinating fabrics to create a contrasting under collar.  Carrie’s Rising Bubbles tunic features a solid collar to offset the busy pattern in the body, but lined with a tiny coordinating print for fun.  My Purple Paisley & Dots tee repeats the fabric used in the side panels on the collar.Blue Paisley with Rounded Collar

This fall I experimented with an unlined version of this collar.  I cut the collar in two different colors making the bottom collar ¼” larger and the upper collar ¼” smaller than the collar pattern piece.  After stitching the collar’s shoulder seams, I used the rolled hem stitch on my serger to create a lettuce edge on each collar.

Collars and cuffs individually finished.

Then I stacked the collars and attached them to the neckline according to the directions in the WNV instruction book.

Stacked collars and cuffs

I repeated the layered detail on the sleeves using the WNV flared cuff pattern.  This cuff is also featured on Carrie’s green tunic, but hers is lined the with the coordinating print.

The finished collars on the top.

When stitching the wide neckline variations and their collars, don’t forget to leave ½” of the shoulder seam unstitched at the neck edge.  This will make all your detail applications easier.

Enjoying dinner with our guys. Carrie has on a draped top from the WNV and I am wearing this black print top with rounded collars.

Have you made some Wide Neckline Variations yet? If you have, please send us some photos.   If not, we would love to see you at our January workshop for some knit stitching so you can make yourself a drawer full of versatile and comfortable TRK Tees and Tunics for work and play.

Happy Sewing and Happy New Year, RAE


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  1. Mailed my registration on Monday for knits classes. Look forward to seeing you both then! Happy New Year.

    1. Great Mary, That is excellent news! RAE

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