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Sew! Let’s Get Dressed – Holiday Flower Pin


photo flower on swing
Finished flower on a TRJ with Swing Variations.

We wanted to give you a little gift for being members of our Fit for Art community, so here are the directions and pattern for an Organza Rose Pin.  It requires both machine sewing and hand sewing and you can easily break up the steps to fit into your busy holiday schedule.  Print the pattern and directions then follow along with these photographs of the construction steps.  Organza petals are a little wiggly, but that is why they make such a wonderful flower.  As with all sewing, if you work slowly and patiently you will achieve the best results.  See how fabulously it finishes off this pieced black Tabula Rasa Jacket made with the Swing Variations.

photo flower petals cut and pinned
1. Petals cut and pinned for stitching




photo flower petals sewn and turned
2. Petals stitched, turned and pressed.









photo making flower bud
3. Gather the folded center.
photo flower bud
4. Shape and stitch center into a bud.












photo flower bud + 3
5. Add petals to the bud. Shown here are the 3 small petals stitched to the center.













photo flower all petals
6. All the petals are stitched in place.












photo flower back ready for base
7. Back of the flower ready for the base to be attached.
photo flower with base
8. Flower with base stitched into place.











If  you want to make your organza rose into a poinsettia pin, stitch some gold or yellow beads into the center and add a few green leaves to the pin before stitching on the base.

photo poinsettia


Happy Sewing and Happy Holidays!  RAE



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