Kimono Splendor


Several textured silks and over-dyed kimono fabrics from Laura Murray were stitched and flipped to a silk habatoi foundation to create this cropped Tabula Rasa Jacket with a long Summer Sleeve.  This shimmery jacket is as light as a feather and can be dressed up or down depending on the top and pants you put underneath.Burgundy & Blue Silk Kimono Splendor- back

3 thoughts on “Kimono Splendor

  1. The blending of fabrics for this Kimono jacket is absolutely breathtaking! If available, I would purchase these exact fabrics and instructions for stitching and flipping them onto the habatoi silk foundation to achieve this impeccably harmonized fabric design! Just lovely!!

    1. Hi Jeanne, Thanks for your nice words, I am afraid most of these pieces are one of a kind, but many came from Laura Murray who overdies kimono fabric with lovely results. Read about the stitch and flip method of jacket construction in the post linked below. It is a different jacket, but the same technique.

    2. Just love all the photos. So inspirational.

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