Ginkgo Leaves at Night Tunic

This lushly painted Tabula Rasa Knit Tunic features a ballet neckline and flared cuff from Wide Neckline Variations for Tabula Rasa Knits.  A ginkgo leaf stencil and Fluid Textile Paints were used to paint the carefully positioned, cascading design.  Gold, copper and silver metallic paints were mixed with either black or white paints to create a variety of metallic hues.  Read more a bout Rae’s process for creating this tunic in the blog post Pins, Paints, Inspirations.  This comfortable top can be dressed up with dressy black Eureka! Pants or dressed down with skinny denim Eureka! Pants.  Pick up our high quality black jersey and the fluid textile paints in the Fit for Art on-line store so you too can have a versatile and striking top like this.

The swingy back
Leaves falling across the shoulder onto the sleeve.
Close up of the swing side.

2 thoughts on “Ginkgo Leaves at Night Tunic

  1. What is the origin of the ginko stencil? It is the best I’ ve seen in my search.

    1. The stencil comes from Laura Murray Designs. We will have some with us for sale at the ASG Conference, or they can be purchased directly on

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