Felted Wool Sweater Jacket

Edye's Felted Wool sweater jacket

Make yourself a cozy wool sweater jacket from recycled sweaters and wool yardage.  Throw the pieces in the washer with hot water so they shrink and felt, then hang to dry.  This sample was made from 2 pieces of felted wool fabric and one old gray sweater (see the ribbing around the hem?).  We often overlap the seam allowances to flat-fell the seams to avoid the bulk of heavy wools; there is also no need to finish seam allowances as the felted fabric will not fray! Look for more info on working with felted wool in Tips for Handwoven or Handcrafted Fabric Jackets.  This sample was also embellished  with couched yarn in lieu of a band and some fun flower pins. You can download the Felted Wool Flower Pin pattern from our website!

Edye's Felted Wool sweater jacket (back)

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