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When More is Better

Sewing additions to your holiday wardrobe is always fun and we love to share with the world how easy it is to stitch up holiday looks with your dependable Fit for Art Patterns.  (Did you see our guest post on Pattern Review?)

While I love the holidays, I think my mantra is usually less is more.  You know, tasteful but understated decorations, single candles in the windows and fresh greens strategically placed.  But, when Threads Magazine announced the 2017 ASDP challenge to design a knit ensemble ready for an evening out, I was excited to expand my winter holiday wardrobe.  In the early spring I assembled a collection of fabrics and trims at Mood that coordinated with a gold jersey stash fabric.  I began to imagine a stacked Fit for Art ensemble with tasteful decoration.  The stitching all happened in August on the three coordinating pieces that could be worn together or separately:

The sleeves stack together well, so fun!
  • A gold, red and black jersey Tabula Rasa Knit Tee with chevron stripes and festive red fur trim.
  • Black and gold reversible Eureka! Pants, tapered dramatically, that roll back at the cuff for a peak of the reverse fabric.

    Tee back and gold pants.
  • A gold Tabula Rasa Jacket adjusted into a waterfall front cardigan with elongated tulip sleeves. The jacket is trimmed in black and gold Chantilly lace.

    Original front view, no faces allowed for blind judging.

When we photographed the outfit to meet the August 31 deadline, I was questioning both the fur trim on the top and the lace trim on the cardigan.  Both seemed a little skimpy, though tasteful.  But there was no more time for adjustments.

The more I considered the separates, the more I realized that on this outfit, the opulent trims should be used generously.  So, some adjustments were made and I am satisfied heading into the holiday with my new knit separates.

The TRJ’s lace trim was extended all around the cardigan’s high low hem, inside and out.  It can be worn open or snapped closed.  Both stylings sit comfortably around the tee’s fur trim.

The closed cardigan with additional lace.

The single layer fur trim on the chevron stripe TRK tee was filled in with two additional widths of fur.  The loose ties in front and back, were eliminated and a fur rosette was added in the center front and on each sleeve cuff.

Top is great with the additional fur. Love those stripes.

The tee’s sleeve features an exaggerated tucking detail described in the Clever Crossings Variations for the TRK.  That detail is also used on the inseam of the reversible pants, for a graceful and interesting hem.

Love the cuffed pants.

Now, I just have to decide when I will wear each piece, or maybe even all three at once.  There are certainly lots of opportunities over the next few weeks for festive clothing that is both casual and comfortable.

Love the new look, more is better on this outfit.

Hope your holiday is full of festive occasions and your wardrobe is full of comfortable and beautiful choices so you will have a relaxed holiday season.

Happy Sewing, RAE


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