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Sew! Let’s Get Dressed – True Confessions

When you sew pants, tops and jackets that fit well and are made with fabric you love, getting dressed is fun and easy.  This has certainly been my experience as I started intentionally sewing pants and tops that fit my lifestyle and my body’s unique curves.

Rae - Hugging her sewing machine
Rae – Hugging her sewing machine

The truth is that I have been sewing for as long as I can remember.  As an adult, I mostly stitched up special occasion garments, artful jackets and gifts.  This was the nature of my home based business, too, predominantly special occasion sewing, craft show jackets and day wear for women with complicated figures.   Because I sewed for my day job, I was happy to shop for clothes for myself.  But after 2 children and some middle age settling, clothes that fit me comfortably and fit into my daily routine got harder to find in the stores.  So I began sewing basic clothes, perfecting the patterns fit over time and adding my preferred details to the pants and tops that were filling my wardrobe.

Along the way I was joined by my friend, of many years, Carrie.  She had grown children and was beginning to sew clothes for herself.  She loved the creative process, choosing beautiful fabrics and stitching up fun new clothes.

Over time, Fit for Art Patterns was born to offer you access to sewing patterns for easy wearing clothing  with personal fitting options and lots of creative possibilities.  This post begins our new blogging adventure where we are inviting you to come sew with us.  Our weekly offerings will include information on sewing techniques, fitting information and tips, inspiration for future sewing, suggested sources for sewing related products and much more.   Tell us what you are interested  in reading about to as we help you build your own wardrobe of clothes that honestly honor how you are physically built and the lifestyle you have designed for yourself.


3 thoughts on “Sew! Let’s Get Dressed – True Confessions

  1. I’m so happy to see this blog starting! I look forward to all of the tips and such that you’ll be sharing – thanks! I LOVE the Tabula Rasa jacket. I’ve made two of them and have two more cut out. I’ts such a versatile, flattering pattern.

    1. Thanks Mary, Post some photos of your jackets to our facebook page. We’d love to you your creations. RAE

  2. Rae- I love the jacket pattern. I did a jacket program at my ASG chapter meeting on Monday night and showed one of my jackets from your pattern. I just downloaded the pdf on fitting adjustments as a reference. I had my pattern fitted to me at an ASG conference and love the versatility, customized fit and style of the jacket. I hope to get a few more made from my stash and your creativity always inspires me and gives me other ideas. With the sleeve and band variations- possibilities are unlimited! Thanks!!

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