Strategic Sewing and Fitting Questionnaire







Strategic Sewing Plan Questionnaire – Journal your answers to these questions.

Embrace your Shape!

  1. Is your body a classic shape or a combination of classic shapes?
  2. What is the size of your bust and how does it fit in with your body shape?
  3. Are you petit, average or tall and how does this effect your clothing choices?
  4. Have you created a croquet of yourself to sketch on as you explore sewing and design projects?

What are your lifestyle needs?

  1. What are the wardrobe requirements of your job?
  2. What are the wardrobe requirements of your play?
  3. What clothes do you reach for over and over?
  4. Do your favorite clothes have similar styling and fabrications?

What are your Fit Preferences?

  1. How much ease do you like in your clothing?
  2. Are you more comfortable with snug clothing, loose clothing or something in between?
  3. Are your fit preferences appropriate for your lifestyle needs?

Your Sewing Options?

  1. Do you want to sew wardrobe basics that fit and flatter?
  2. Do you want to sew trendy pieces to compliment ready to wear basics?
  3. Do you want to sew special occasion or one of a kind art garments?
  4. Do you want to be able to alter ready to wear so it fits your personal curves?
  5. Perhaps a combination of all or some of the above.

Now take your answers and identify what type of sewing would be best for you and what types of patterns and fabrics will allow you to create your Strategic Sewing Plan.


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