Peacock Coat

Carrie made this wool Peacock coat with her Tabula Rasa Jacket pattern, extended straight down by several inches at the hem.  She used the Shirt Variation to create a spread collar and a front that will button all the way up to the neck.  The wool was not very heavy, so when constructing the coat, Carrie interfaced the entire body with fusible interfacing to add weight and warmth.  The lining is flannel backed polyester in a fabulous paisley print.

Features in the coat include inseam pockets, from Band Variations and Pockets, traditional bound buttonholes, and copper colored vintage glass buttons.   Of course the crowning glory is the fur collar and cuffs that were hand stitched on after the coat was completed.  These were purchased from Soutache, a fabulous shop in Chicago that sells trims, ribbons and buttons, and are constructed from strips of organza and rabbit fur sewn onto netting.  If you ever get a chance to see this coat or Rae’s Red Wool Coat in person, be sure to take a close look at how the strips were constructed!

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